Friday, April 22, 2005

All is He ...& that includes

Bismi'llah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim...for the sake of Prophet Muhammad saws and Sheikh Nazim may Allah protect his secret.

Trying to sit,in the early hours of the morning and carefully define the difference between human and divine self.Trying to find a way to dis-identify with the human part and identify with the divine part..Allah sent Bilquis..(or can I say Allah manifested in the shape of Bilquis) to change the course of things so that I should get Ibn Arabi's book "Lubb al Lubb>" which was lying on my bedside table,where I had left it and didn't want to disturb her by getting it.
First of all he goes through the seven levels that the nafs goes through until it reaches complete non-existence..and then he reminds us that Allah is everywhere..and is everything..both interior and exterior. He even says,which I have always wanted to believe..and would like to have asked Sheikh about..."that from every particle or stem to the greatest mass,God(al Haqq) is manifested with all His Qualities and Names."....and that"this manifestation is according to the understanding and belief of each person.In each place and in each station He shows a different face."

Hey! Hay! Hoh! Hu! Haq! Aaaaaahhh! Mmmmmm!
Thank You.

Of course in some way this statement includes me..though really I feel far to unclean to say so openly..even to myself.Which is where EFT and Nisargadatta come in in helping to dis-identify from that bundle of memories and emotions which one tends to identify as oneself .. manifested in a bodily's all He .. but it's not a seperate solid me.

The statement that He manifests with all His Qualities and Names ..also helps to understand that expression in the Koran.."Wherever you look,there is his face." another level than just the obvious one,becaue when one looks up the word "wajh" or face in arabic it also has the meaning 'personality' and 'essence'.

Ibn Arabi then goes on to give the example of the sufi tale of the blind men who wanted to know what an elephant was like and on being allowed to visit one they all touched it in a different place so that the one who held the ear thought it was like a huge leaf,the one who held the trunk thoughta it was like a pipe..the one who held the leg thought it was like a column the one who clasped the belly thought it was like a barrel and the one who grasped the tail thought it was like a rope..
He uses the story to show how the gnostic (who really knows Allah) cannot hold on to any one particular form of belief.. and that this state belongs to those who's belief is imitation... and is their prison.

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