Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Fajr time letter.

Bismi'llah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim...for the sake of Prophet Muhammad saws and Sheikh Nazim may Allah protect his secret.

Fiddling around with my blog again.Putting some links on to other sufi blogs.Looking at "Sufism and Me. " found that I needed his new URL and wrote an "e" to him for that.Ended up writing a bit of a letter which I thought might be interesting to publish here as it puts some stuff in a nutshell.Here it is.

Hi there!
Salaamu alaykum,Uthman here,remember me?Just doing some links on my site (completely wiped off,started again with same name and,perhaps,a bit better than before.)
Wanted to hook people up to your blog as I've always rather liked it and admired it.(good mix of personal diary and sufi content .. above all,sincere).Would be pleased if you send me the new URL and,if you feel like it,a bit of personal news.
I've been doing a bit of something called EFT.I'd always rather hoped that sufism would help me with all my personal stuff,but it seems that I needed help with the personal stuff in order to practice sufism better.Many people from other cultures, that still have a firm base in faith/religion/spirituality and family life,don't always understand how difficult it is for some westerners and Europeans(maybe especially the English!) to come to terms with the submission and self discipline/selflessness,required to be just plain Muslim,without starting to talk about what is required to be a proper practicing sufi!
That is just a way to let you know I noted your surprise when once you asked me if I was really over fifty years old.(I'm sure I come across like a difficult rebellious teenager probably.)Anyway,it seems that the EFT is working,after all these years,at least enough to make me a bit more "accessible"in a more normal way,and,it would be interesting to hear any of your personal news if you feel like taking the time to fill me in a bit on recent events (or even a short biography including earlier ones).
I'm very aware that we are not many,the sufi bloggers,and it is still my main interest.I am also interested to see how a culture like yours manages to deal with the onslaught of modern materialism and still maintain its Islamic customs,morals and manners.
I'm a bit slow and rusty when it comes to I.T. so if you have any tips for me .. well .. whatever.
I picked up somewhere along the line that you had bought a house recently,I hope that all has gone well with that and you don't feel too enslaved to a mortgage or whatever.Things like that are part of the modern system which is being installed everywhere and it is of interest to me to see how they affect someone like you.
I have been living in Spain for some time now and came here to get away from the madness and badness and materialism of life in England.In the past twenty years I have seen Spain change and become "Europeanised"and it is very sad to see them lose all the goodness they had in their mad rush for a so called freedom which only enslaves them in an amoral, if not immoral and materialistic system.
I am thinking of visiting and spending more time in Morrocco as it is my nearest "Islamic" country and still not as materially overrun and ruined as Spain.
Well,I wrote more than I expected,but there you are.
Look forward to hearing from you insha'llah.

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