Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Bismi'llah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim...for the sake of Prophet Muhammad saws and Sheikh Nazim may Allah protect his secret.

Hmmm ... fiddling about .. changing bits and pieces,setting the date and stuff like that.Setting the header for the whole thing ( a bit 'lumpy' or verbose perhaps ..anyway ..tries to express general framework).
Yes .. yes , yes. Hmm ..
Writing,the very act of writing .. communication.Weakness?..Energy loss? Like talking too much perhaps?
Had a quick look at "lightofeminence " is it? ..anyway what used to be "Sufism and Me." .. such good quotes ..Wonder if he was alright after the Tsunami?..At least it seems that Singapore is protected by Indonesia from immediate sea damage.How strange that in one of the posts from 2004(I didn't see any from '05 .. maybe he's too busy now with his new house .. I hope he is alright ..I think I will write to him.) he says that they never get earthquakes or hurricanes or anything like that!
I like his Blog .. sincere ..he's together enough to write fairly interestingly about his day to day life and his thoughts and feelings about sufi Islam. Nice to see not only quotes from abdl Qadr Gilani and Rumi but also ...(wait for it) SheikhNazim al Haqqani. .. (Hey,he's still my Sheikh.)
I was looking at photos of him on the internet today again..A collection of 299 .. somehow came to me through "The-Heart" I think ..someone called Kemal ..must be one of the Turkish brothers living in London I suppose.
Oh my little heart! How I love him still after all these years.How long since I haven't visited him?Four years perhaps .. at least that's what Bilquis says.
Time for supper now ... chatty style for now .. may do some translations for a magazine soon ..perhaps that will help with the necessary discipline in starting to write 'properly'?


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