Monday, May 16, 2005

Blogging feed-back.

Bismi'llah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim...for the sake of Prophet Muhammad saws and Sheikh Nazim may Allah protect his secret.

Blogging can become a stagnant thing if there is no feed-back.I find that the interaction with other bloggers is what stimulates lively discussion.Today I simply include an example of what can happen over at "Blog ladder."

Recognition of Unity does not imply non-action.

I am sure Debbe won't mind if I simply copy and paste this comment which I made in reply to her last post.It sparked off the essence of what has been concerning me for many years now.A concern which has become intensified in the last few years not only at a personal level,but a global one as well.

Your dad and his influence again.Do tell us more..if and when you feel inspired.The line of thought is forming in my mind.."Tradition means focus."You may know something about Rene Guenon and the 'Traditionalists'?..The general point is,that,while recognising the unity of all religions at their highest point as revealed by the experience of all mystics/avatars from all traditions..there is a high risk of dispersion or lack of effectiveness if one does not take up one of those religions.In other words,although we may see that all paths ultimately reach the same goal,we cannot therefore say that that knowledge alone is enough.It is necessary to take one of those paths in order to reach the goal as we can neither take all of them..nor will we get far if we remain satisfied with taking none and just observing from afar.Your father's generation of Christians in America and my grandfather's in England,were still vibrant with the conviction of their faith.Our generation has been opened up to spiritual influences from all around the globe and thinking and sensitive people often find it hard to remain in any one when ,at the dualistic daily practice level, this often implies 'defense of a position'..or even seems to imply the rejection of someone else's. This can make it a hard task to find a suitable path..but time is short as indicated in the passage you 'chanced' upon.Maybe it's time to look at ,through what means,can one make a contribution in thought word or deed? However this leads on to the essential question of one's purpose in life and that is another deeper and harder question... but remember..time is running out!


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