Sunday, July 24, 2005

Atheist political systems blinding citizens to Truth.

Bismi'llah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim...for the sake of Prophet Muhammad saws and Sheikh Nazim may Allah protect his secret.

In my dealings with people over at Blog Ladder I see time and time again the horror and frustration of Americans when confronted by the actions of their own elected government.
It is obvious that, in spite of a great deal of intellect and good intentions, so much cerebral and emotional energy is being wasted because they lack any traditional wisdom with which to analyse events. This is especially so with reference to foreign policy and particularly Iraq and the oft mentioned 'body count' and dismay at the destruction of archealogical and historical treasures.

Here is what I tried to communicate around this subject today;

Separating "Church and State."

I have been trying to read some of the stuff from jmcmaster on his "Outside the Box" blog. There was a funny saying that my ex-wife used to say to me sometimes when I was getting in a bit of a pickle over something."I wouldn't have started from there in the first place."That's what I feel like when I see people trying to make head and tail out of situations which have their roots in a place where no-one is looking. .. i.e. spirituality.It is a great shame that modern political systems have divorced themselves from religion or spirituality, blinding their followers to the influence of God in man's affairs .. as if looking the other way would make Him go away!I am sorry to say I am reminded of children covering their eyes with their hands when confronted by an impending confrontation that they wish to avoid.Though no-one wants to hear it these days I still feel duty bound to put up this talk from Sheikh Nazim which may be found in his book "Secret Desires.

"The Black Cloud over Iraq and Iran. (Talk from 1996).

Turkey, Russia, Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, ... all these countries which have kicked out their Sultans, have been cursed. There are some foolish people who live in England, but who are not suitable for this country,who also want this country to be a republic.Republics are the worst systems which have ever been on earth.Every country which has thrown out their sultans have been followed by tyrants.This was the case in Turkey, Iraq, Germany, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iran, Libya, Russia, France, China ... These tyrants have no mercy in their .hearts.They kill and destroy without any mercy,In Iraq they killed the "Ahlil Bayt" ("people of the house", meaning family of the Prophet pbuh) in one night, the whole family was killed, the old ones and the young. (In another talk the Sheikh mentions how a grandmother coming out of her house holding a Koran was machine gunned down.) May all those satans who did that be below the seven hells.Why didn't the people in Iraq try to prevent it? Why didn't they stand up and shoot them? Why did they surrender to one person? Why didn't they protect the family of Ahlil Bayt ? That is why all saints in Iraq are unhappy with their people.All the calamities happening in that country now, are a result of this. Until they repent and bring back a sultan, Allah will not remove the curse from them. But they are not even thinking about it!Iran is another completely heedless country.They did not defend their sultan so Allah sent them such tyrants who have now killed millions of people.Then they started fighting Iraq and again millions of people were killed. Now Baghdad is destroyed and Iran too. Thousands of years of civilisation have been destroyed in both countries without a reason.It is because they treated their sultans in such a way that they are now cursed.There is a very big thick black cloud over Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.It will not go until Mehdi comes.


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