Saturday, July 23, 2005

"Tawakkul." (Reliance on Allah.)

Bismi'llah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim...for the sake of Prophet Muhammad saws and Sheikh Nazim may Allah protect his secret.

"Al Wasil."

"To be the Lord's servants gives pleasure,and that feeling pushes us towards servanthood.As much as a servant is aware of his neediness and weakness Allah comes closer and grants to him,promising never to refuse a request.To ask is most lovely and best attribute for servants in Divine Presence.
Nowadays the life of people is mostly connected with pills and medecine which they use daily, and they are fearing to die, even if for one day they can't be able to take that medecine.
We as believers must believe that our lives are connected with the Lord Almighty Allah.Awliyas have high certainty and they feel their life with their Lord. He may give life to everything direct, without using causes and reasons.
Therefore we depend on the Creator of causes and not on the causes. It is a big mistake for believers not to be aware of that.We need Allah to be in existence, more than food or drinks or medecine. People think if they don't eat and drink they must die. No, you must cut yourself out from every cause surrounding you and making you to be with them rather than with your Lord, the Creator who created you. If you can do that you should be directly connected.
When you reach direct connection to the Lord, causes will get away and you should be with Him. He will grant to you directly so that you should be free from hunger, thirst, illness and miseries. No more need for anything.
The Prophet (pbuh) said to his companions: "My Lord makes me to eat and drink in His Presence." That signs perfect connection between servant and Lord, creature and Creator. Therefore one of the Prophet's names (pbuh) is "Al Wasil." , the one who has reached to his Lord. He is with his Lord, no more causes around him, he became free. He is perfectly connectted without a mediator, he has the real relationship.
Nothing there from the existence of the world or heavens. He jumped into Divine Unity Oceans, reaching to Oneness. No one there except Allh Almighty. He sacrificed his imitated existence, cut it and left the temporary existence to enter the real existence in Divine Unity Oceans.
Therefore He likes His servants to say "Oh my Lord I need You." Endless needs for you until you reach to Divine Presence and causes finish. Identity there belongs to Allah only. Abd, servant, finishes, Allah remains.
This is an important association now which makes clear to you what your target should be. Ubudiyet, servanthood, takes us to tjhe Lord's endless unity oceans, taking servants and leaving only Allah. Appearing from servants, Allah only.
That is what is coming for distinguished people, not for common people. Keep yourself needy to Allah until He takes away from you every need. When you finish, your existence will be through Him.
Now month after month new wisdoms open until Mehdi comes. Through his days the secrets will become clear. This is the lowest description for you now. May Allah grant us a good understanding and fix our feet on His Way."

Copied out from; "From Dunya to Maula." Cyprus - talks by Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Qubrusi al-Haqqani an-Naqshbandi. 1990.

(Thanks to Khairia.)


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