Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Bush Regime and World Politics in the light of Destiny.

Bismi'llah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim...for the sake of Prophet Muhammad saws and Sheikh Nazim may Allah protect his secret.

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Here it is again folks. The comment that became a post. This time as a reply to stuff on Debbe's blog.
I'm wary of saying this, especially about a situation that is hurting so much and in a country which is not my own. However, for a while the posts on B.L. were really getting me going and upsetting me a lot over the Bush regime and it's local and world-wide effects.
Recently ,as you may have noticed, I have been making more excursions into Advaita Vedanta in the Hindu pantheon. The general view from Ramesh Balsekar, it's most recent publicly known exponent, is that in fact everything is destined or pre-programmed from the Divine Source.In the sufi spiritual path that I follow there are the five basic pillars of Islam and then there is what Sheikh Nazim calls the sixth pillar. It is Qadr, or destiny.
I am not saying give up or shut up or turn a blind eye .. but wisdom demands that one realise that this is what is happening wether one likes it or not. My only relief from the anger and frustration was in realising that all of this is part of the destiny of our present world. It is part of the plot of the great world drama and we must look to try and see and understand what is being played out here.
What is obvious is, that despite all the patent awareness of the glaring faults of the Bush regime, no-one can do anything about it at the moment. He, or they, are just running away with the ball and it looks like they will continue to do so.We must look and try to see / decipher what is happening in God's plan.
The Sheikh has been telling us for years that there is a huge nuclear third world war around the corner. He says that this will be a cleaning for mankind in the form of fire as The Flood was in the form of water. I see his small voice in the midst of all the madness like that of Nuh (Noah) to his people when they saw him building a boat on dry land. He is just regarded as "another nut" and no one wants to know.
He says that six out of seven people will die in this war and in the end the only safe place physically will be around Damascus in an area known as "Sham".He also says that the first sign of it beginning will be a battle on a plain in Turkey between America and Russia.That doesn't seem so unlikely after all does it ?
Basically the world divides into two blocks, the old communist block and the capitalist block, or we could say, in this scenario, unbelievers and believers.The destruction will be enormous .. I see all this stuff that is happening as a part of the run up to that huge event...and .. unfortunately .. it is unstoppable because it is part of the destiny of mankind who has turned away from God and all traditional morality towards materialism and immorality or at least, amorality.
The good news is that there is safety for believers and good people and that the destruction ushers in a time when technological power ends and life on earth functions by spiritual power.
What I am saying is (although I can almost hear the replies now, and know that no one really wants to hear it) that, instead of banging one's fists uselessly on a concrete wall of Destiny and hurting oneself trying to change it, it would be wiser to turn towards God and real spirituality instead of working within a political and social system that is already so corrupt it is destined to self-destruction.


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