Tuesday, March 03, 2009

What Maulana has been saying recently.

Bismi'llah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim...for the sake of Prophet Muhammad saws and Sheikh Nazim may Allah protect his secret.

In The name of Allah, The All-Compassionate, All-Merciful, Audhu billahiminash shaytanirrajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, alhamdulillahi Rabbil alemiynSohbet of Naulana Sheikh Nazim Adil Al Haqqani Al KibrisiFebruary 27, 2009, FridayLefke, Northern Cyprus*See the video of this talk at http://www.motionbox.com/videos/309bd6bc1c12eac2beDastur ya RijalAllah, madad..As salaamu alaikum!Ashadu an la ilaha illAllah wahdahu la sharika lah, wa ashadu anna (Maulana stands up for the honor of Sayyidana Muhammad) Sayyidana Muhammadan abduhu wa habibuhu wa rasuluhu sallallahu ta'ala alaihi wa sallam.Audhu billahi minash shaitanir rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir RahimDastur ya rijalAllah, madad, madad, madad.. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.You're looking that trees winter time looks like dry woods maybe three months or more, and when spring coming what coming through spring? we're looking and seeing anything, no; but trees they're knowing, they're waiting and expecting that blessings from Heavens to earth and that we're thinking trees just dry and finishing because no leaves on it, no flowers on it, no fruits on it but when the spring coming, which thing coming through spring? We're seeing nothing but those trees and flowers and plants, they're knowing: that is something from Heavens reaching to earth to give earth its ziynet ornament, coming. Looking, they're awakening or they're coming to a new life, a new birth wait for that and they're looking up to Heavens looking, they're understanding that coming to them a new life, a new dressing, a new pleasure, a new lights, they're understanding and they're showing what coming from Heavens. As much as you can put water under that trees, giving nothing: they're looking and waiting Heavenly breathing, a breath from Heavens that Heavenly breath giving light, giving life to them. O people, don't think that I'm knowing something; I'm knowing nothing, but when Heavenly blessings coming to Seal of Prophets then running to the hearts of his followers, awliyas, saints, then they're looking and sending Heavenly breathing and blessings through opened hearts and they're getting a new life through their hearts and those people they're whom their hearts never dying when peoples' hearts dying and getting to be dust, earth. Now we're trying to keep the holy way of the holy Prophet or holiest one or most glorious one or more honored one and most beloved one in Divinely presence. What that one whom created everything for his honor by The Creator, The Lord of Heavens and universes sending that Heavenly breathings through the hearts of those people whom their hearts always occupied by their Lord's zikr; their hearts always asking to be with their Creator Allah Almighty, coming and granted to such hearts to give life, new life for those people whom they're asking and believing in Heavens and asking to reach Heavens and asking to be in Divinely presence on Heavens that blessings it's only for those people. Now we're looking and seeing that whole manking living on earth through as their calendar 21st century but Allah knows the beginning of mankind's life on earth; now they're saying 21st century through their calendars. And we're reaching today through our Islamic calendar that based on a reality that is new month Rabiul awwal first spring that when whole dunya, whole world they were dried and they were like dead ones and Allah Almighty, His Will sending His last deputy?.. representative, Allah's representative Sayyidana Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam to reach the last period of mankind's life on earth to reach to them with His Divinely breathings to give to them a new life to grant to them from their Creator, The Lord of Heavens a Heavenly breathing that that Heavenly breathing giving mankind a new life as through spring time coming from Heavens what it is necessary for nature just Allah Almighty sending His last messenger Sayyidana Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, Huu, to give a new life to His servants that they're reaching last period of their life, period on earth to be prepared for reaching Divinely presence the day of Resurrection, just he had been sent and he did his best for mankind and he gave to everyone, giving to every level of people what they're in need to make them to be prepared to reach the day of the Resurrection through their Lord's Divinely presence; that was his mission. We're not saying as Christian world saying that Jesus Christ coming and giving his holy soul to be a sacrifice for man, no! it was not his mission: his mission, Jesus Christ's mission was only to give goodtidings for coming Prophet who was or who is the most glorious, most beloved, most honored one in His Lord's Divinely presence; Jesus Christ's mission was to give that goodtidings. And the seal of Prophets' mission that is Sayyidana Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam to prepare whole mankind to dress them Heavenly dressings for reaching their Lord's Divinely presence, that is.. muntaha the top point of missions through whole prophets, top mission was mission of the seal of Prophets most gloried one, most honored, most beloved one in Divinely presence which whole creation created for his honor. What was his honor? We're saying 'most honored', with which thing he had been honored? Because his honor, the seal of Prophets Sayyidana Muhammad's honor directly coming from his Lord, The Lord of Heavens, The Lord of universes, The Lord of from pre-eternal up to eternal Allah ALmighty's honor, that that was his honor, no one else reach that honor except him and just granted to other Prophets also from that mission from the Divinely Lights through that one's glorious teachings reaching to whole Prophets. And now we reached for that most glorious one's birth month birthday, birth month Rabiul awwal and such going to be now 15 century, 15 centuries, and that one who was born through unknown deserts, unknown areas he was born as an orphan from his father side and mother side unkonwn people's country or city or tribe. So thousands of kings, emperors just passed away and they were so proud ones, they did so many things but now their names remaining on unknown table of mankind's kings and emperors. But that one the seal of the Prophets that through unknown deserts born and that one if he hasn't donated or supported through Heavens, he was going to be such other people dying, passing away; no one knowing about him, but what happened? Now 15 century just passed from that glorious one's birth day, what do you think he's living or unknown person? He's living! He's not unknown person, he's well-known one through east and west from north to south ragmen in spite of whole nations, his flag is up! and his name toppest point through Heavens and his holy name well-known through east and west but some people accepting and glorifying him, obeying him and following his Heavenly Divine Laws. And a second party, group of nations, they're knowing but they're so kiskanc jealous ones they may be jealous, they may die on their jealousy but the honor of the seal of Prophets always shining like sun on the skies! Be proud, O muslims, don't think that technology giving honor to people, no! But Heavenly, Heavenly blessings giving to you honor, you must know! Who accepting Heavenly blessings, they are going to be accepted and honored servants in Divinely presence. And others that they're not accepting, they're following the way of satana, shaitan! shaitan never giving man honor but he's trying to make mankind like himself: shaitan! And now mostly people, they're getting so proud to be with shaitan! They left right way of that most beloved and glorified one's way who was calling people to Heavens to their Lord's Divinely presence but shaitan trying to make mankind like itself to be shaitans! And now you look everywhere 24 hours tv's showing people that peoples just becoming each one like one shaitan! And when mankind accepting to be shaitan, no peace here or no peace after death! O people, O people, be thankful to Allah Almighty and beware to be shaitan! Because mostly, 99 % people they're now shaitans, sadanas, never following the seal of Prophets! Therefore Allah Almighty The Creator leaving them to kill each other, to destroy each other, not to live in peace here or hereafter! May Allah forgive us! O people, ask forgiveness! ask forgiveness that we're trying to follow technology period and technology making people to be shaitans! May Allah forgive us, and send us from His Divinely presence that he was promised to the believers the seal of Prophets' nation at the end of the world, they should be among oppressors, tyrants and they're making people each one to be one shaitan.. O people, beware to be shaitan! If you're not taking care, you should be unhappy here and after death much more difficult, difficult punishments that hells! May Allah forgive us! O people, keep the way of the seal of the Prophets; and to keep his honor is to follow his blessed way. Hu Allah, Subhanak, Subhanak, Subhanak irhamna ibadak.. ya Rabbana! Send us someone that You promised to take our hands to You, to Your Divinely presence! Clean ones, clean ones and peaceful faces and hearts to say The Lord of the creation: "O My servant!" Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Subhan AllahAllah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Karim AllahAllah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Aziz AllahAllah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah... rijaan nabi al karim, Ya Rabbi fi afwik bi rahmatika wa ibadikas salihin wa la taqilna min anfusina wa la illi shayatin ya Rabbena. Ya Rabbi irhamzulmana irhamwa'fana irhamna irhamna wa tub alayna wahdina wasqina wa aslih sha'nana wa sha'nal muslimin wansurna alal qawmil zalimin wansur sultanana wa sultanul muslimin sultanul insi wa jinn Sayyidana Mahdi aleyhis salaam rijai man anzalta aleyhis Suratal Fatiha..


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