Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Bismi'llah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim...for the sake of Prophet Muhammad saws and Sheikh Nazim may Allah protect his secret.

Well anyway,this is it then .... something useful to do with writing and my time at last... EFT. Trying to overcome my negativity about myself and life in general and my loser's attitude.
I want to set the margins and the Word Help tells me to click ... now let's see .. is that what I want? .. more or less.

What about blue print..wouldn't that be cool and decisive instead of so calm as this green? Does it really matter? Does anything really matter? (A log slips on the fire.) I'm sure it does.
Anyway,I've done quite a bit of EFT now and it seems to be making a difference.. It's not that I'm suddenly rushing out and doing all sorts of amazing and successful things (associated in my mind with making money!) .. but ...The way I percieve myself and my present life is changing towards one of appreciation (thankfulness) and positivity.
There seems to be a bit of a cross-fertilisation between EFT and my spirituality/sufism/ Islam ... maybe some of the influence from Gary Craig's (and America in general's) Christianity. That mixture of Christianity with positive thinking and unashamed capitalism..is .. interesting,to say the least.

Perhaps I am becoming a bit less anxious, less insecure, less frightened... and,when I realise that , in many ways, I have my life just as I like it (!) .. that's pretty amazing too.

Some questions ... like .. around,meaning of life, ... life after death, good actions/bad actions, punishment and reward.

The lovely idea of going into the new age in an age of oneness with more enlightened people and and a love and understanding between individuals and communities that goes beyond traditional religions.
(As opposed to the Islamic .. one complete truth ,one complete religion version, with its implication,or outright declaration of , salvation only for Muslim believers .. or a certain section of them.)

Hey ho! .. I'm not going to get into all that now and I don't know if I'll ever really resolve that one.Certainly Sheikh's teaching still makes the most sense of anything that I have ever heard and Islam seems to be a very complete and perfect system so long as one looks at the system and not at the practicers thereof.
Anyway Hemingway,I was going to make a document about EFT not another rambling diary.

Doesn't matter ..I have started the list of specific incidents for the 'Personal Peace Program.' It's getting longer,but most are not that specific..so I'll have to do the movie technique on them.
At least EFT has given me the sensation of having a tool put ito my hands that helps me erase my emotional hang ups and I can use as the occasions arise,which gives me a feeling of having some power over my emotional imprisonment .


Next is time ..21.43.Hrs. yes .. going back to my old habits of diary keeping..frankly.. I like it.. The telly's on,but without the sound while Bilquis waits for the adverts to pass,there is the licking undertone of the wood fire in the background and about the only thing that could get a little bit on my nerves is the continual sound of the fan,or whatever it is on the lap top.

I'd like to learn a bit about how to import some pictures in here..I'd like to learn how to take digital pictures and accompany them with my writing(or vice versa) and I'd like to put them both in a blog or on a website..then I would like to go to Morocco and write about the sufis and sufism there,and put the places and the experiences and some of the history out on the net with photos.

Oh look! ..a dervish! (well I did learn something then!)

Look at that ! I did it again! ( er... sorry ... He did it again... but,through me alhamduli'llah ... Sheikh did indicate how I might be useful after all.)

That's too much! (Thank You.)

This 'Gig' character is the one to see around here for photography apparently.

Seems I have a lot to learn about how to move pictures around and put them where I would like to see them.

15th March.2005. Orgiva.Spain.


Still fiddling and faddling with the pictures and stuff. Still like the green print.Still too superficial? Still would like to use aesthetic skills/appreciation in the service of Allah/sufism/Islam.

Lots of EFT this morning. Prayers have gone out of the window again unfortunately. Been trying stuff about lack of trust .."Even though I did not trust my father (or my mother much) ..." "Even though I lost my trust in the Sheikh after all the episodes with women.." etc etc
Something came shining through. .... How did it go?...

All that exists and acts is Allah.(?)

The only thing existing and acting is Allah.(?)

There is nothing existing and acting but Allah.(?)

Nothing exists and acts but Allah. something like that.

Nothing exists nor acts but Allah. ... anyway you get the picture.

Well .. you do now !

So, ... nothing exists or acts but Allah.

That means that in reality "Thou art that." as the Hindus might say ... or .. "He that knows himself knows his Lord." as Muhammad might have said. Or one is already annihilated in God,The One, Allah, Brahman, The Truth,The Absolute ..or whatever else one may care to call that which is, always will be and always has been (which is no other than oneself but we just don't know it yet) "Know yourself to be the changeless witness of the changeful mind." as Nisargadatta said. etc tc etc ...
Endless endless ways and times it has been said ... Oh to live the reality!
Anyway,letting go and trusting completely is part of it ... Trust ..Tawwakul ...trust in Allah ... trust for one's provision ..material and spiritual..that helps so much ..because how can one ever let go and be "one with the one" if the little self or ego is always crying out about money and shelter and comfort?
The separation of self is an illusion supported by the ego's endless demands.

Nothing is existing or acting but Allah.

Anyway, I know it's full of pitfalls..Haqiqat without shariat basically..knowing,understanding/trying to live by the knowledge that "All is one." Something that one may know after one's first joint..but has implicit in it the danger of ignoring duality with which the shariat and the rules and regulations for living in society are concerned.
That is to say that one may forget that although "The drop has returned to the ocean and now,where is the drop and where is the ocean?" etc .. yet still Allah is the Lord and we are His servants ,the Lord is always the Lord and the slave is always the slave as Sheikh Nazim says.

Anyway I did some stuff on humility and obedience,which may also have a lot to do with the father/son relationship...

A sneaking suspicion creeps up that Allah has just destined this for me..and it is all exactly as it is supposed to be ... and and and ...

Soon I must make myself some breakfast and prepare the stuff for our Easter market.

No .. it's just that there is a bit of a contradiction between ... (anyway it's breakfast time now and Bilquis needs the kitchen so-o-o- ...

salaams and hasta luego !
Idea .. save and past this stuff into my Blog?

Well,did that,but,no photos of course.Maybe have a quick look at that Picasa thing.
(It all gets easier if one just waits long enough .. there'll come the time I suppose when we just think about something and it materialises..in fact,come to think about it,Sheikh said it would be like that in the new era .. at least,somewhere he said that we would just think about a place and we would be there..)


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