Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Allah al Hay al Qadir.

Bismi'llah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim...for the sake of Prophet Muhammad saws and Sheikh Nazim may Allah protect his secret.

I want to thank and praise my Lord (al Rab) for His gift to me this morning..of what it is like to have real faith in Him as The Living God (al Hay) and The Absolute Boss of Everything. Al Qadir. (Wa huwa aliquli shayin qadir).

I just felt it and believed it for the first time this morning.It has always been difficult for me to believe in a living or "personal" God ...but I do believe I am becoming a believer at long last ..
My belief has always been somewhat intellectual..believing in an Absolute ..(perhaps as opposed to a relative .. but hopefully really including all the relative)
.. but it has been difficult for me to believe in a warm caring loving living God..
Somehow it was a rather cold intellectual God...
Hip hip Hooray! ..thankYou Allah for that piece of generosity with me..

I think I am becoming Muslim for real now.

Almighty God Allah Who is The Living Absolute Boss of Everything.

Somehow words do not express what I felt (and hope so much I may be able to continue to feel.. .... yep! ... it's still there!)

I also recognised that all my hope and fear are in Him Almighty,and that this is how it should be.. the heart of the believer is between the Two Fingers of Allah ...Qalb, or heart in arabic, has the meaning"that which changes" included in it...and .. that my love is for Him also.(when all is He anyway how can that not be so?)
As that wonderful line from a Morroccan sufi put it..

" Put on the sandals of hope and fear and take the staff of love in your hand."

and now..for what I picked off www.sufismus-online.de

A Hidden Secret.

We believe in Holy Books, it is what we base our knowledge on. Everything else is theory without a foundation, usually produced by our imagination. Theories normally do not become realities because they are a production of our minds. This is why that which comes from Holy Books is our reality. It cannot be changed.
Mind productions cannot satisfy our souls. Our souls want something else. They will only be content if we say that the Creator who created everything was a Hidden Secret Who created His servants so that He may be known. He gave us the chance to be honoured through our Divine Service. This is what all Holy Books tell us. It is the purpose of our creation.
The rules of the seen and the unseen world are the same. Everything is aware of their Creator. Atoms know and are praising their Creator, but mankind through his will power has the highest level and can be closest to the Divine Presence. This grant is given to prophets, to Holy People and to real believers. Allah created me so that I can know Him, love Him, glorify Him and give Him my highest respect.
Defending truth
© by Sheikh Nazim Al-Qubrusi Al-Haqqani
= Vielen Dank an Zero Quensel. =

So,I suppose now I am going to find everything the Sheikh has said perfect and true with a renewed vigour?
I am trying to have the confidence in Blogger to edit posts so that things come out in the right order,instead of just creating a new post every time.(A bit nervy because ..well,you know .. internet,blogging,and all that..not totally reliable is it really? .. but then,what's totally reliable except Allah .. and even He can decieve if He wants? aaargh!)

A word about Sohbet.

This is Hadith Qudsi, Arabs may understand: Allah Almighty is saying: 'I am only that One who should be praised and thanked and I am looking from My servants to give their thanks and praise to Me. I am not happy with those who don't give their praise and thanks to Me, and I am saying to them: 'Look another God for you, or Manifestor or Creator'. You may look.
'And also I am that One who is testing His servants, and I am free to test My servants as I like. They may be big tests or very simple tests- it is for Me. I may try My servants, their beliefs and their power through their beliefs. And I must try them. If they get angry and unhappy with Me, they may look for another Rabb, Manifestor, Creator for them, and they may run to Him.
And also I am that One who gives to everyone his destination. I am not asking any idea from anyone, no. I am that One who may arrange everyone's destination as I like. If anyone from My servants is getting unhappy with their destination, they may look another God, Manifestor, and may run to him.'
Who is not happy with Him - get out of this world! Think for whom you are living, what you are doing 24 hours. This is an association, a sohba. The Sheikh or his deputy opens a market, and who comes is free to choose and take and to buy. Some people come and look and don't take anything. The Sheikh sells, and you are free to take or not. This is a sohba, an offering to you, but: No force in religion!
Sohba is for training, to take you from the lowest to the highest, and so the Makam of the Sahaba comes after the Prophet. Not even the Awliya come before them.
A donkey always stays a donkey and he is praising Allah and thanking Him for his existence and his perfection- the perfection of a donkey. He is fulfilling his function. But man, whose duty is to serve Allah 24 hours a day, doesn't fulfil his duty; people don't work for Allah, but occupy themselves with malayani, the service for Dunya...
© by Sheikh Nazim Al-Qubrusi Al-Haqqani


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Mashallah a nice blog with layout and design. Keep up the good work.

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