Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Philosophy or action?

Bismi'llah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim...for the sake of Prophet Muhammad saws and Sheikh Nazim may Allah protect his secret.

Well,the title says it all.I think most of where I have been with sufism up 'til now is with the philosophy bit.Although around the Sheikh himself things get so intense that the mind (especially if it has a tendency run away like mine)just overheats and packs up .... one just starts to see the interlinking of things so intensely that the mind just cannot keep up.Accustomed as it is to process everything through that dualistic apparatus it is just unable to functionwith the Reality which one starts to experience.
But what I was really thinking about in this context is the difference in flavour between say, the pieces one may read about the qualities of the early companions or the four noble Khalifas,or the great Sufi saints and their works,and a discussion of The Unity of Being.
Action is what it is all about (perhaps,maybe ..uh oh ... here I go again!)..
How to say this?...maybe I'll just let the pieces speak for themselves.. go and find the appropriate bits and put them on here for you (gentle reader) to compare.

The whole blog's gone a bit squew whiff after this .. I've got so tired now after hours on here that I'm beginning to spangdoodle around a bit too much ..
I would like to get the lady from "Easy Bake Coven" (an early Blogging heroine of mine) to put a link on her site to mine and put one on my site to hers..not because I'm completely in agreement with all her views,but because she's such a nice person and has such a good (intelligent,funny,caring, good graphics,good links, etc) blog.
I wonder if I still have the energy? I really should go and unload some stuff from the car and make the mid-day prayer.

6th April '05. Just removed above bit of copy and paste to see if blog returns to former state.
11.20.Hrs. ... It did ,but now there is no long pasted piece describing the qualities of the first four noble kalifs. However,I think one gets the idea no?
Not hard to grasp,though pretty important.Perhaps at the appropriate time I will write a bit about this within my personal experience. The point being that,my own experience is also to be coming out of a kind of "Unity of Being" experience where (As I have been aware since my tender years) "all is one".. to the recognition that,while this is true,so is the fact that there is nothing like Allah and,while all is manifested by Him and, in reality,nothing exists except Him,still I have been manifested in order to know Him and,according to Prophet Muhammad and his message from Allah,the Koran,and his example or 'sunna',there is no way to do this but to worship Him.
The danger of wahdat al wujud or recognising the Unity of Being is that realising that "All is He",can lead one into wondering what is the point of worshipping Allah if we are already Allah?! .. and that's where the trouble is..or at least that's where there is a lot of trouble caused by a distorted intellectual understanding of a mystical truth which lends support to the foibles and laziness of the ego.
Understand? .. Understand!

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