Thursday, May 05, 2005

Sufism was a reality without a name,now it may be becoming a name without a reality.

Bismi'llah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim...for the sake of Prophet Muhammad saws and Sheikh Nazim may Allah protect his secret.

Here are those "Ten Sufi Thoughts." from Sufi Order International .. I put them here for perusal and anyone may comment that feels moved to do so..Especially in the light of the contradictions that can be caused between the more traditional Islamic Sufism and this sort of more flexible/open sufism .. a good attempt to get to the spirit of the original that we see so beautifully displayed in such writers as Jalalu'din Rumi or even Ibn Arabi..
Ghazzali is the 'safe' one recommended by traditionalists as he always emphasised the necessity to remain strictly within the Islamic Shariat while recognising..(having experienced it for himself) the reality of mystical experience and "Direct Knowing".
1) There is one God, the Eternal, the Only Being; none else exists save God.2) There is one Master, the Guiding Spirit of all souls, who constantly leads all followers towards the light.3) There is one Holy Book, the sacred manuscript of nature, which truly enlightens all readers.4) There is one Religion, the unswerving progress in the right direction towards the ideal, which fulfils the life's purpose of every soul.5) There is one Law, the law of Reciprocity, which can be observed by a selfless conscience together with a sense of awakened justice.6) There is one human Brotherhood, the Brotherhood and Sisterhood which unites the children of earth indiscriminately in the Fatherhood of God.7) There is one Moral Principle, the love which springs forth from self-denial, and blooms in deeds of beneficence.8) There is one Object of Praise, the beauty which uplifts the heart of its worshipper through all aspects from the seen to the unseen.9) There is one Truth, the true knowledge of our being within and without which is the essence of all wisdom.10) There is one Path, the annihilation of the false ego in the real, which raises the mortal to immortality and in which resides all perfection.

I especially like number ten as I think it is undeniably true in all religions,and out of them!

I think Sean,whose blog I took this version from,expresses himself very well in his blog so I have included a link for him in the side bar.(His blog is called ... Sufi Stuff .. ) ... connecshuns connecshuns ..


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To whom is the quote at the top of the blog attributed?

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