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Man's job. The U.N. and events after eclipse.

Bismi'llah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim...for the sake of Prophet Muhammad saws and Sheikh Nazim may Allah protect his secret.

Mankind's mission and honour: to act on behalf of their Lord. Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l 'Aliyu-l 'Azim. As-salamu alaikum! Meded, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Sahibu Zaman, ya Sultanana, Meded!
We are in a holy month. It is the holiest month through the year: Shahru Ramadan, Ramadan Mubarak. We are thanking Allah Almighty, saying: "Ya Rabbi, laka-l hamd wa shukr, that You are making us to reach to this holy month again. So many people were with us last year, but this year they are not- taken away." Kulli shay yarju ila aslihi- everything is going to come back to its own personality or origin. Everything must come back, that is an unchangeable wisdom and Allah Almighty's Order.There is a saying: Everything on earth is earth: kulli shay 'ala turab turabun. This is Dunya, the world; you are looking and seeing so many things over it: plants, animals and mankind, and you are saying: "This is a tree, that is an animal, that is a man- how you are saying everything on this planet, what is from it, is going to be as before? As before- nothing on this world."And the Creator He arranged this world; among so many, hundreds, thousands, millions and billions of stars and galaxies- He chose this planet to be our homeland. He prepared it and then landed S.Adam (on it), because he was appointed and granted from the Lord of Heavens to be on this land Calipha, our Lord's deputy. Therefore He prepared this land and finally sent His Calipha. Yes, S.Adam was created in Paradise and he was there, but Allah Almighty was saying to the Angels: "I am going to bring in creation a new creature that he should be My deputy." When Allah Almighty said this, the Angels said: "O our Lord, why You are creating a deputy, a new creature, that they are going to do so many things on earth that You are not happy with that actions from that new creature?" Allah Almighty said: "I know! What you know, I know, you don't know! You know that point from that new creature: that they should be trouble-makers, fighters, killing and destroying, and doing so many disliked things, but yet I know about them more than you, because I am " `ala ya'lamu ma khalaq", the One who knows what He created. I am the Creator, keep your Adab, I know what I just created! You know this, but I know something else", Allah Almighty was saying.
And they were there, in Paradise, and the earth was here. S.Adam was appointed to be on earth Calipha, Caliphatullah, deputy of Allah Almighty. And when Allah Almighty prepared reasons that it should be, it was going to be a way or wasila to come on earth, to be landed. Therefore so many things happened and finally Adam and Eve had been landed on earth. They came here to be king on earth, to make everything for His Honour, to act on earth on behalf of Allah Almighty. That is your mission: Everyone just granted that honour that they must do everything on behalf of their Lord Allah Almighty!What you are thinking? Mankind- where they are now? Mankind now knowing their mission? No, no one is knowing, no one is saying this point, no one is saying that: "Our mission is to act on behalf of Creator, our Lord Allah Almighty." Where are governments, where are our leaders? Our universities, our teachers, schools- where they are, what they are teaching? It should be the first point to be taught to our small ones: for what they have been created and by whom. They are teaching this? No!
I was in New York, about ten years ago, and they took me to the UN center. There was (a sign showing) a pistol, perhaps bigger than me, and a handkerchief tied on it. That means: they are stopping pistols, tying, so that no more wars on earth. O drunk people! If it is written for them that fighting- you can stop it? I was entering, looking around, and I was praying Dhuhr. But some of our brothers, including Raja Ashman- Allah bless him also-, one group was coming later and they were asking me if they can pray here. I said to them: "Okay; yes, you can do. What is the matter? A free place, go and pray." They were beginning and (suddenly there was) coming (someone) like a North Pole bear, running and shouting: "You can't pray here, because from this entrance Allah is never getting in!" Coming (like him) such five or seven bears, running and saying: "You can't pray here! No Allah here!"
You think they are doing anything for the benefit of mankind (there)? Never! But always doing for the benefit of Shaitan. Perhaps two hundred or more governments are (represented) there, nations, coming, including our heedless (gafil) Muslim countries- they are also coming and attending there. I am very angry with them that they are going into such a place that is against their Lord! No respect, not saying: "Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim", shouting, quarrelling. Therefore no any good result.
After an eclipse there is (always) some slap…2-3 seconds and people under ruins now…After an eclipse _must_ be something…and also war is coming! Mankind now is never going to find the days to be in the ways that passed. Now like the leaves that are coming yellow and falling down, they should fall down, one after another.They are not teaching… No Allah? No God? Allah should show them if He is the Creator, Lord, or not!
Our mission is to act on behalf of our Lord on this planet, nothing else! Anyone saying this from Archbishops, from Rabbis, from Hindus, Buddhists? Who can object on my point, that I am saying? Mankind's mission on earth is to act on behalf of the Lord or this world is going to be destroyed- from East to West, from North to South. Finished! Stamped!... X.! You understand or sleeping?...
Allah Almighty was saying to the Prophet: "You are Only Mudhakkir; you must remind My people on earth, because they are forgetting. Remind them! That is what I am saying only: Remind everyone what is their mission." That is my mission also, I am on that mission.
It is a holy month and your mission now is to keep the special Orders, that this holy month is specialized by fasting and praying. We are asking and saying to you: Keep your Lords Orders and fast, keep your Lords Order and make Sajdah! Keep your positions in the divine Presence not to be kicked out!O people, come to reality and accept it! You must accept reality.
People are running away from reality, because they are drunk. Leave to be drunk, come and accept truth!What is truth? Truth only with true ones you can find. You are not asking jewels from a grocery shop. No, a grocery shop is never selling jewels. You can ask tomatoes, potatoes and cabbage… Truth, they are most precious things on earth; you are going to ask it from grocery shop? No, truth has been granted to the Prophet sws and the last one, the Seal of Prophets, the honour of all creation, S.Muhammad sws, he had been granted all the treasures on earth and Heavens! He had, and then, after him, who is on his steps: they are only true ones.
Once the son of S.Omar, Allah bless him, S.Abdullah, he was on his way to Hijaz, Mekka Mukarrama, with a caravan. They were moving and reached to a place where the way was going like this. The camels went on their way. There was something like a diversion and S.Abdullah, the son of S.Omar, was going like this and coming like that, then going on. The people of the caravan said to him: "O S.ibn Omar, why you are following this way and leaving that caravans way here?" He said: "I was with the Prophet sws on this way and when he came here, he came in such a way, turning like this and making his way in such a way. Therefore I like to follow his steps." And really, where the Prophet had put his steps yet that Nur is getting up, but people are blind. They are not looking and seeing that Nur. S.ibn Omar said only this, but he saw where the Prophet put his steps, there was coming light._They_ are true ones! If you are asking truth, you must ask from those people! You can't find it easily- as rubies, diamonds, pearls, you can't find them easily. Such people are not easy to be found. You must look and try to find them. It is difficult, but who is asking, is going to find. Therefore- truth you may find through true ones. Ask, and you can find. If you can find it, you have been saved.May Allah forgive me and bless you and make us to keep His holy Orders and to be on our real mission to be happy here and Hereafter, to be blessed ones! For the honour of the most honoured one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.


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maasha'llah .. even sending stuff that links to porn pages now .. and they wonder why these cataclysmic events are happening when that is the state of our world ?

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Salaams Uthman

Im getting these annoying comments on my blog too, so is the owner of THE-HAQQ. as-sabr


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