Friday, October 14, 2005

World events from a Haqqani point of view.

Bismi'llah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim...for the sake of Prophet Muhammad saws and Sheikh Nazim may Allah protect his secret.

As has often happened before, a post on Blog Ladder has stimulated thought in the form of a reply from a "Haqqani" point of view .. and the
results appear worthy of posting on Sufistuff.

I offer this morning's reflections upon the reaction of one believing and caring blogger called Debbe who was left feeling sad and impotent in the face of the recent earthquake.

The meaning in cataclysmic geological events.

I've just read Debbe's entry about the earthquake and left a comment there .. Once again I thought my point of view, which is really a sufi point of view learned from twenty odd years of being with my Sheikh, might be of general interest, so I post it here;

" It is so terrible and horrible what is going on everywhere in the world in these times. I thought you were going to say it is a wake up call to remember what is most important in life ... God ... but you said, "each other" ...
Difficult ... of course our fellow human beings are important .. the Prophet (Peace be upon him ) said .. "Until you want for others what you want for yourself, you are not really Muslim." I have to say though that my most difficult lesson to learn in life is to remember God first and above all else ... how can He not be top priority if one really believes in Him Almighty and that everything (including ourselves and our bodies and everything that we have and what happens to us) comes from Him ?
Therefore what I want for others is that they may remember God before all else, especially in a time when the whole world is determined to try to solve every human suffering by material means ... despite the fact that it is obviously not working ...
I would try to say to the people there to remember Allah and ask help from Him ... despite and especially because of .. their terrible sorrows and losses."
I have to add that the Sheikh has been telling us over the years that there is an inevitable Third World War. No one wants to look at that, but as he says, they are preparing a big fire festival. He tells us that six out of seven people will die in this war .. it will be terrible .. finally raging for five months ... His Sheikh told him that the first sign of it is when the "red soldiers" enter Turkey .. he meant Russian ...
All of these terrible things that are going on in the world are not without meaning ... from the study and practice of magic to the study and practice of Physics man knows that everything is interconnected ...
Physics, which is perhaps the science nearest to mysticism, recognising that when an elephant stamps in India the butterfly is affected in Japan .. and that reality is not a fixed thing but appears to the observer according to the way he views it and also is affected by the observer's act of observation, also gives us proof that all is interconnected.
Scientists are always looking for a unifying theory .. the true believers and mystics have alway had one .... simply ... God.He is The One and He is powerful over all things ...
Traditional teachings show us that when man became too immoral and Godless in past times God sent The Flood ... Everyone on the face of the earth save a few true believers was taken away ... No one wanted to listen to Nuh ... not even his own son .. who thought he could use his mind and practicality to save himself by climbing a high mountain.
The Sheikh has at least one story to show us that there were also some true believers who were not on the Ark but were saved. He says that in the coming times safety will be for the believers .. that this coming war is a big cleaning and that safe places will be with spiritual people .. or in spiritual buildings (churches mosques synagogues etc .) or on one's prayer mat. He also stresses that the main physical place to run to (the eqivalent of Noah's Ark if you like) is Damascus ... according to the hadith of the Prophet peace be upon him, that "safety is in Sham" or the area around Damascus.

For me these terrible events which are coming thick and fast now ... are warning signs .. I offer this point of view to everyone who has just become so comfortable with a non believing world view ... sleeping in the security and comfort of their material wealth and technological toys.Before you dismiss me as a crank .. following a medieval Islamic extremist .. stop and consider ... it won't hurt you to just open your head to the possibility that I am right for five minutes of meditation on the idea that it could be like that.If there is any chance in your mind or better ... heart ... that there is some truth in what I am saying .. then think and take notice ... before it is too late.Turn to or, for many I know ...(hurt by the hypocrisy and lies of churches and so-called spiritual and religious organisations) turn back to .. God .. pray to Him in your heart for guidance .. don't worry or think about religions or organisations .. labels or concepts .. go back to your pure intuitive "child-like" heart and don't be fooled by your clever university educated mind.
Remember, the mind denies what the heart believes ... Read God's signs as any natural human being would do, uncluttered by the intellectual baggage of modern society ... see that they are pretty heavy warning shots ... and ... turn back to Him.


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