Saturday, May 21, 2005


Bismi'llah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim...for the sake of Prophet Muhammad saws and Sheikh Nazim may Allah protect his secret.

Well,after spewing back the after effects of ten days swashing about on and in the net, over at Blog Ladder. I think we can say the following;
1): That there is something called Wahabism that was,aided and abetted by the British,instigated by Ibn al Wahab.
2):That this doctrine was taken up and championed by the Saudi regime and spread throughout the Islamic world using the power of oil money.
3): That oil money became intimately connected with the aims and interests of the American government.
4): That while the false,distorted and anti Islamic teachings of Whahabism were destroying Islam from the inside they could be used to manipulate the Muslims and instigate acts of terrorism which could then be used to retaliate against and destroy Islam from the outside.
5): That both the added power of control of oil and the destruction of any real Islamic coherence aids and abets the attempt to take power and control over the whole world by ... on the face of it ,America,but perhaps in reality,some far more sinister and non-geographically located group.

It is well known that there are many dubious stories about Mr Bush and his family including known activity in WWII selling arms to the Nazis and links to Saudi Arabia and the Bin Laden family..It is well known that Mr Bush is a mason as is Mr Blair and Mr Aznar in Spain...the whole world has been witness to the cozy friendships between the three and especialy the first two,and seen the results of that, wether their respective countries supported such action or not.
It is also fairly obvious that these figureheads on their own have neither the power,nor the vision nor the intelligence to organise the emerging picture of a world-wide control and power bid which we see being put in place everywhere more and more blatantly.This indicates a 'hidden hand' and,as always it is no use fighting the symptoms of a must find the true cause.
Perhaps there is just the coincidence of several interested parties..Masons,Zionists,Bankers,Arms/oil/diamond dealers,Mafia,Catholic Church? Who can say?
Perhaps there really is one main organising force ..Illuminati?..whatever..
All that remains at the moment are questions,perplexity,confusion..frustration..sometimes near despair at more examples of 'man's inhumanity to man'.

If one gets side-tracked into the details and proving the underhand and illusory nature of things that happened recently or years ago..much energy can be wasted and perhaps,few people 'educated' or convinced..If one gets involved in trying to fight directly the chances are great of seriously losing the plot and getting involved in something at least misguided if not completely off the wall and even dangerous to oneself and others.
It has been clearly prophesied that in the last times Islam would be split into seventy three groups..and that only one of them would be the correct one.(Ahle sunna wa jamat?..Naqshbandi tariqat? the people of heart? ..again,who knows?)
Islam is in shreds and tatters..there is no central organisation,no central clear teaching..little adherence to the real sunna.One piece of clear shariat as taught by Sheikh Nazim al Haqqani,is that there is no valid jihad without One Leader for all the Muslims. This makes all these localised so-called jihads,invalid or illegal by shariat since the demise of the last Ottoman sultan after the First World War.
It is also a rule in Islam that fire is only to be used by humans for heating and cooking,that killing by fire is haram (strictly forbidden)and is reserved only for Allah Himself,which,in reality makes all fire arms illegal for Muslims to use.
The only hope held out to real understanding Muslims who accept those shariat rulings,is the return of the Khalifate..which looks highly unlikely in any acceptable form,not to say impossible...or... the coming of Al Mahdi..with his spiritual power joined with the return of Jesus.
There is also a well known hadith which states that, a time would come when it would be better for the one on a horse to get down on two feet and for the one standing to sit down.
At the end of the day it looks very much as if nearly all the signs are in place not only to prove that we are in those 'last times' right now..and that there is an inevitable Nuclear Third World War just around the corner.Given these factors it would seem that the only reasonable thing to do for sincere thinking Muslims and wait.Watch the signs and wait for Mahdi..Maintain faith and as much worship as possible knowing that all of this is part of the Divine Plan..that,much as we dislike it there is nothing to else to do for now but maintain faith and worship as much possible because the punishment for mankind this time will come from man himself and will be a great cleaning in the form of fire as the last great cleaning was from God by water (the Flood).
Apart from this it is wise to get away from large to live in the countryside..very important to have a supply of water and get used to keeping a refreshed stock of food for one year to get through a war that will probably last around five months and will eventually destroy all electrical supplies and fuels for transportation.Apart from this..and the spiritual protection to be had from spiritual practices people and buildings..when even this becomes untenable,the best thing to do is try to get to live in Shams..the area surrounding this is the only physically safe place to be when it all kicks off.


Anonymous Azlan said...

Jazakallah for your reminder, Uthman.

That is a very gloomy u painted there!

I better repent now. :(

Tuesday, May 24, 2005 7:36:00 AM  

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