Saturday, October 15, 2005

Posts from B.L.

Bismi'llah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim...for the sake of Prophet Muhammad saws and Sheikh Nazim may Allah protect his secret.

Once again I am just unapologetically putting a post from B.L. on here in its entirety because it has the spiritual theme running through it.

Distractions and blessings in disguise.

Friday October 14th. 2005. Orgiva.


Let’s see if, according to my own wonderful teachings, I can make my situation better with Allah by worshipping Him Almighty as He indicates in His Book and by the example of His Prophet (saws) ...I think and feel that it may happen, after some trials and examples to prove my veracity and sincerity .. what I don’t know is, if Bilquis will be saved in time. (Blerk !) What a horrible feeling in my stomach that is. There is not much time to go into it all now as I’m waiting to be picked up by Ahmad, to go into Jumaa.

Saturday October 15th 2005. Orgiva.


Things are quite tough actually. I am trying to get a hold on what is happening and what is the best thing to do. Most of the stuff that I try to do in the exterior world is pretty ineffective .. I just have to keep falling back on God .. The car is broken .. slowly, slowly, slowly, it gets fixed ..( a new radiator .. they have to make one perhaps, plus some other stuff like the seal on the timing belt cover and possibly the head gasket which won´t be worth doing as it will be more expensive than what the car is worth ! ) I don’t really need it right now anyway.
I worry about not earning a living without Bilquis at my side , either because she is sick or (God forbid) has passed on ... I try to sign up for “Translatorbase” in order to be prepared and think ahead, but Visa will not accept my payment no matter how hard I try with all the permutations of numbers and information .. This keyboard is still being horrible .. missing out the e’s and a’s ..There is little else I can do right now except be patient and have faith in Allah and that He has a plan for me and knows what He is doing ... keep my faith in and connection to Sheikh Nazim .. keep my fast .. do my prayers .. make my dhikr .. go to jumaa ... try to add in the tarawih prayers in the mosque in the evenings now ... and the group dhikr on Thursday night.. cook,clean, keep the place tidy .. feed and encourage my friend Jamal .. stay strong and wait for news from Bilquis as to what the doctor in Madrid says on Tuesday.

Last night I went to supper with an old friend who has turned up here to live after many years in England. He is American and I first met him in Granada many moons ago when I had just become Muslim with the Darqawi sufi-turned Murabitun, group .. Shall I go on with this ? .. started out to be something to write to myself in my diary .. then I thought of BL and started to kind of recount stuff ..It´s endless really .. stories .. who for ? People who are not really interested on B.L. ? Trying to make it palatable for a general audience of who knows who ? Nah ...
Yes, dear old Abu Qassim from the States is a lovely guy .. and his kids are great and it was a lovely evening and I have some fond memories of the Albaicin when we first arrived in Spain and each of us buying and doing up a house, which have now become worth fortunes of course.. of becoming Muslim and trying to follow Islam as communicated to me by the followers of that potty man Ian Dallas who became the self-styled Sheikh abdl Qadr .. but do I have the motivation and is there any point in trying to elaborate it into some literary form ? .. Aren’t I really just trying to eliminate stuff so that I can just get on with the job of worshipping (which I believe is what I was created for after all ) ... according to the ayat of Koran ;

“I did not create man and djinn for anything but to worship Me.” ...

That’s it after all ... (no matter what Nis says in his potty unanswerable comments ... I mean I like the guy but really, where do you even begin with someone who is being so determinedly silly and superficial .. playing games and dangerous games at that ... no is not worth getting involved sincerely trying to explain my faith to someone who has a set view and does not really want to know ..)

Thirty years, of which perhaps fifteen were spent consciously searching for the meaning of life, ‘til I came upon that ayat ... that is really the answer .. so .. that is what I should do .. and the more I do that the more the God , Allah, who I believe in, should be pleased with me. All this other stuff is just so much time wasting .. wether chasing “rizq” (provision) which has already been promised to me .. or writing stuff sprinkled with memories of Granada and early days in Islam and the Albaicin .. or getting into tales of music and the musicians connected with Abdl Qadr’s group ... “The Habbibya” .. with Abdl Latif (who has done stuff with Yusuf Islam .. aka Cat Stevens, amongst others) . He’s coming to Orgiva as well and they want to set up something to do with music besides the “Golden Web” thing which they are working on ... so they are kind of making some tentative overtures to me about the music I used to do .. songs and stuff that might be appropriate for the small label that they’d like to start.
Hey ho .. distractions distractions .. I just have to try to be a good Haqqani Naqshbandi (our sufi tariqat name) and get on with my “wird” (daily practices and recitations) .. especially as I am completely alone and unable almost to move in any direction except recounting stuff on the net.Perhaps, once again, what seems like a great difficulty is really a blessing in disguise .. what seems like a prison is really the key to the door to freedom.

For once I've got the chance to put another post on in th "proper" order .. so I'm taking it. It was a comment on Allen's blog.

Life in outer space?

Wouldn't it be great if it was true ? I'm sure there are other beings living in other realities and spiritual planes .. (what you might call other dimensions). Our Sheikh has confirmed flying saucers and beings from outer space as real .. but it's so strange that there doesn't seem to be any sign of other life on our plane of material reality. You'd think that just statistically there must be some creatures like or similar to, us wouldn't you ? (With so many millions of planets and stars and galaxies) ... It used to make me feel quite wierd all that "empty" space without any recognisable life while our little orb just spins around .. tiny and alone with it's delicate balance of life.It could almost make one ask why God created it like that .. but it can also be seen as making human life on earth an even more wondrous thing.


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Anonymous Latin muslim said...


As salam alaikum:

I am very interested in your comments about as-Sultan al-Awliya, Mawlana Shaykh Nazim's teachings on UFOs and life in outer space. What is exactly what you were refering to? Outer space life in this physical universe or just in the alam al mithal or the worlds in the barzakh?

Searching through the web, I could only find a few references on this issue of his teachings. Regrettably, I do not have but just one book of him.

Anyway, here is what I have found, but due to absence of books of Mawlana, I cannot fully understand if in these quotes he is also talking about outer space in physical universe (other planets, stars, galaxies):

> (quote) "They say they found on Mars water? [Mawlana is grinning]
> [Dr. Nazeer: yes, they think that there was an ocean there. But I
heard Mawlana Shaykh Nazim say at one time, that Mawlana Shaykh
Abdullah in his Miraj saw that were as many worlds as there are
pebbles of sand on a beach and each one had its own Qiyama{ Within One
Grain of Sand are Billions of Atoms or Universes} . Shaykh Nazim says
things that I have absolutely no idea what it means.]
> Sayyidina Khidr asked sayyidina Jibreel how many Adams did you meet
> So it came to his heart to ask Allah swt “how many universes are
there?” So Allah said, “fly with all your power.” He used to use only
2 wings to come to the prophet. So he flew with all 600 wings, he flew
for 6000 years with full speed. And as he flew he saw crystal sand,
and all of them, tiny tiny pebbles, very small and in the middle he
saw a tree and a green bird. The bird goes every moment picks up one
pebble, goes up the tree, eats the pebble and then goes down, picks
another one and eats it. There is infinity. No way to count all these
pebbles. Flying 700000 years and still unable to see except one small
corner of that ocean of sand.
> He said, that green bird is the Prophet (s) Muhammad and each pebble
is a creation a universe.
> And Muhammad is seal of messenger for all of them.
> For earth we have 124000 Prophet (s). For all other earths they have
124000 Prophet (s) s but only Muhammad is the same for all of them. He
is the seal of messenger for every creation. So where we can
understand. (end of quote)

[From: Shaykh Hisham Kabbani's writing titled 'e=mc2']


Technology will be killed. The Anti Christ depends fully ontechnology with the aim of taking away all spirituality. That is whytechnology has to be stopped first. When that has been taken away,spirituality will appear. Now no-one can imagine the power ofspirituality in comparison to technology. No-one will be interestedin any technology! It will be put into the dustbin. Within one nightall parts of technology will be collected by the jinn, put into agreat sack and thrown out into space onto the heads of Gog andMagog! They will as usual expect it to be something to eat, becausethat is all they want. When they see the computers, TVs, fridges,washing machines, planes, cars and all that, even they will throw itaway. They will be so upset by such a silly present, that they willwant to come out of their prison to eat us raw. This is what isapproaching. The whole world will be changed completely. Prepareyourselves! Don't waste your life! (end of quote)

[From: an excerpt of Pure Oceans]

Sunday, October 23, 2005 11:16:00 PM  
Blogger Sufibridge. said...


Interesting quotes there where did you find them ? (urls would be welcome). Really I'm just referring to what I know from Sheikh either through what he has said in front of me, or through good sources of others or through his books. I don't remember anything specific in his books. Really I'm talking about questions that people have asked him around spacecraft and spacebeings... not spiritual world.

Have a good Ramadan,


Monday, October 24, 2005 8:21:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As salam alaikum:

The first quote is from:

The second one is from a message in the osmanlinaksibendi forum where it was posted an excerpt of 'Pure Oceans'.

And did Mawlana said if the extraterrestrial inteligent life is hostile or friendly, or just they go their own way unrelated with us?

There is another quote about Imam Ali (as) preventing the earth to be attacked, but I will try to find it out [shaykh Gibril Haddad comments to the critic who quotes this that awliya have spiritual bodies more powerful than the physical one].

Wa salam

Monday, October 24, 2005 10:02:00 PM  

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