Tuesday, May 24, 2011

“Any Attack on Pakistan Would be Construed as an Attack on China”

Bismi'llah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim...for the sake of Prophet Muhammad saws and Sheikh Nazim may Allah protect his secret.

Tuesday, 24th May 2011

The States .. and their foreign policy suddenly very much in the news .. a possibility (generally unmentioned) of China putting its first step on the scene .. a clearer picture of how the States have manipulated things from Twin Towers to Iraq to “The Arab Spring” to increase their covert empire and control at least oil supplies to their advantage .. and the strong possibility that it is not really “their” advantage but corporate international business’s advantage somehow using America’s military power and standing on the world stage to their advantage ..
The whole thing may not be such a clear cut done deal but it is obvious that neither is it the picture we are all presented with by our newspapers and television networks.
The nearest thing to something that makes sense in line with SN’s teachings is what (apparently) China has said about the US violating the sovereignty of Pakistan over the (apparent) killing of Bin Laden .. also there is the very warm situation that is occurring in Syria .. and that is in an area which looks much more likely to have knock on effects on the world situation than any of the North African countries.

“Any Attack on Pakistan Would be Construed as an Attack on China”

Dumbo .. they have a border with China .. duuuh ! .. (energy corridor between Iran and China .. )

If China stands behind Pakistan, then Russia might be said to stand behind China. Looking forward to the upcoming June 15 meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Chinese President Hu praised Sino-Russian relations as being “at an unprecedented high point,” with an “obvious strategic ingredient.”

Woh!  


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