Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bismi'llah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim...for the sake of Prophet Muhammad saws and Sheikh Nazim may Allah protect his secret.

Friday, 15th June 2012


 Analysis shows there is no-thing .. nothing .. at the sub-atomic level .. and there was no-thing before the universe at a cosmic level .. Self analysis shows there is no self at a personal level ..

and yet .. Here it all is and here we all are .. How does that happen ?

No-thing being every-thing.

Individually .. subjectively this is experienced as no-thing being some-thing. Us as a subject and other as object.

In the ‘Being’ .. we meet .. we recognise that other people are, in one sense, objects .. i.e. bodies .. but they are animated bodies with characters and personalities .. we recognise the life in them and that that life is similar to our own .. essentially the same ..

The sameness .. the ‘being’ is what we love and long to know and to be and to share ..

the differences .. the ‘thingness’ .. is what separates us .. causes misunderstandings and even wars ..

What I am saying is that in a world of ‘things’ we are alienated .. as a subject surrounded by and percieving objects .. Nobody really knows how it is that apparent objects upon analysis turn out to not exist .. and yet they are there .. This is due to a being (as a verb not a noun) which is not understood and cannot be described because it is no thing and yet it is what all things exist in .. maybe the essence of what all things actually are .. therefore it is living .. alive .. Being .. No thing .. being everything .. experienced as some things ..

To find that Being which is no thing and yet the essence of all things we must look into ourselves .. It is the only way to find that Being and when it is found in and as the real self (not the body and not the mind) .. then it is recognised that one’s real self is the same One that is all other selves and the essential nature of all that exists ..

That I believe is the work that the human being really was designed to do .. the work of self-knowledge .. It is also what religions were ultimately meant to guide to .. self knowledge being knowledge of God or the Divine or The Absolute .. the No-thing .. which is continually Being Every-thing ...

When one knows oneself as no-thing being something then one knows that all things are no-thing being everything ..

It is the living Being which unites all things and all apparently separate beings .. wether human beings or animal-beings or plants-beings or (apparently)inanimate-beings.

We are all one in Being. All is One in Being.


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