Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Duality and non-duality same (but different) ..

Bismi'llah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim...for the sake of Prophet Muhammad saws and Sheikh Nazim may Allah protect his secret.

It’s about the non-local consciousness as pure non duality .. i.e. that which is beyond words .. no-thing .. nothing .. Emptiness or God .. Brahman .. The Absolute .. whatever one chooses to call it ..

Let’s call it Universal Mind for now .. the brain as reciever .. through that the absolute non-dual consciousness gets filtered into duality ..

Actual Reality is all one thing .. but our filtering brain sees it as two contrasting poles which make up dualistic consciousness .. hence time and space .. past and future .. here and there .. and all other dualities ..

All the methods are in order to ‘trip the switch’ of dualistic perception and get back to a state prior to this .. which is like Universal Mind .. when this is done a third state comes in which the dual is realised as the non-dual .. that all the composites of dual mind are composed of nothing but Universal Mind one might say .. Both poles of any pair of opposites not only have the same source but actually are the same source ..

Therefore the wonderful saying ..

The world is an illusion .. only Brahman is real ..

The world is Brahman.

Which is why I almost feel to ‘correct’ that imperfectly stated thing in a thread which says .. Brahman is the World ..

I see that as different from The world is Brahman .. as in the world is not other than Brahman but Brahman is not defined as being the world

I maybe even still find it hard to see emptiness is form .. but easy to see form is emptiness .. (in other words emptiness is a vast emptiness and there is nothing other than it .. and all form is nothing other than emptiness but emptinesss is not defined by the sum of all form .. and far from that )

In more sufi language .. the world is not other than God .. (because nothing truly exists except God) .. but He is not defined by the world .. as He is its creator and therefore much more than that .. creating unimagined worlds with qualities & beings we cannot possibly imagine ..

So the world is an illusion, Allah alone is Real .. the world is not other than Allah .. would sum that up

and translate as ..

The world is an illusion .. Brahman alone is real .. the world is Brahman, in the sense that the world is not other than Brahman ..

I see the world as an illusion created out of whatever ultimate reality is (call it God or Brahman or maybe even Emptiness) .. and not other than that in essence .. but caused or ‘created’ by or through the filtering mechanism of the mind / the brain / dualistic consciousness .. interpreting universal mind or pure non-dual, non-local consciousness.


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