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Bismi'llah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim...for the sake of Prophet Muhammad saws and Sheikh Nazim may Allah protect his secret. Maulana Sheikh Nazim : LoveOfAllah HomePage :: Lectures :: Topics :: Books :: Years The Love of Allah -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fatiha. Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Wa Lillahi l Hamd. Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Barik 'Ala Habibika Sayidi Al Awwalin wa Al Akhirin, Sayidina Muhammad (saws). O Prophets (as) Allah's (swt) salams are on all of you. O Awliya', O Asfiya' Allah's (swt) salams are on you. We ask from you support or anything to destroy the sultanate of shaytan. This addressing... and I am a weak servant, I have no power to speak to people. But, it was inspired to my heart because of something that upset me, which people are heedless about it. O people listen & take wisdom & if you do you will benefit. O people, Our wazifa/duty is to follow the steps of the Prophets (as) and specially the steps of the Master of the beginning & end, Sayidina Muhammad (saws). This is our way to success & goodness for mankind in this world & in the Hereafter. Haqq (swt) made everything clear, and.... you O Muslims, especially Arab Muslims, you read the Great Quran, but you have no good consideration /tadabbur and no deep understanding/tafakkur of the words of the Magnificent Quran. Allah (swt) sent the Holy Verses & the addressing to the Prophet (saws), saying to His Beloved, tell them. O people, first of all " Fa Attabi`uni Yuhbibkumu Allahu"(3:30) Clear, clarity is there. Allah (swt) sent the Holy Verses with Truth, to follow His Holy Prophet (saws). "Say, If you love Allah (swt) then follow me, Allah (swt) will love you." (3:30) True? Yes Haqq. Haqq (jwa) says "Ya Ayyuha Alladhina Amanu, Allah (swt) ordered "Qul In Kuntum Tuhibbuna Allaha Fa Attabi`uni." (3:30) This is the teaching of Allah (swt) to His Prophet (sas) for him to teach people The one who taught goodness to people is the Prophet (saws) of Allah. O people! Listen... Listen & take wisdom, If you take wisdom then follow. These words are words of Haqq/Truth."Qul In Kuntum Tuhibbuna Allaha Fa Attabi`uni Yuhbibkumu Allahu." (3:30) Then O believers, listen & take wisdom from what our Lord (jwa) says "Say, If you love Allah (swt) then follow me." (3:30) The Prophet (saws). To follow the Prophet (saws) is the reason for Allah (swt) to love His servant, His servants. "Yuhbibkumu Allahu Wa Yaghfir Lakum Dhunubakum." (3:30) What do we want? What else do we want other than this request? This is the highest thing to ask for, to look for. How we can reach the Love of Allah (swt). The Love of Allah (swt) is the greatest most magnificent thing for the servants. Allah (swt) loves His servant. Once a man came to me, long time ago, maybe since 50 years. A strange looking servant, he seemed to be looking for knowledge. I asked him, "what have you learned?" He said "O Shaykh I was steadfast... and was a student in the University of Sharia in Damascus." "What did you learn?" He said... Without thinking he spoke what came to his heart. He said, "I learned something by heart." I asked him, "what is it? You've been attending all these years, tell me one thing you learned." He said "O Shaykh, I learned that Allah (swt) said, "O My servant Obey Me, I will make you Rabbani/Divine. You say to something, Be & it is." (Hadith Qudsi) For my age & my Arabic is very little, but you are Arabs, you understand. Haqq (swt) said in the Hadith Qudsi, "O My servant, obey Me. O My servant obey Me, I will make you Rabbaniyin/Divine." Is the Hadith correct? Yes. "O My servant, obey Me I make you Rabbani/Divine. You say to something Be! and it is." (Hadith Qudsi). O Muslim scholars, what do you have to say about this? This is correct or it is a weak Hadith? Because people did not learn except to look for weak Hadiths. Is this one also a weak Hadith? This man was looking for knowledge, but he appeared like this, but he came to me and he was from the Budala' of Sham, a young one from the 40 Saints. I asked him "what have you learned?" He said "I learned a Hadith Qudsi." "Which one?" Allah (swt) said "O My servant obey Me I make you Rabbani/Divine. You say to something, be and it is." Where are you O salafis, o wahabis or this & that group! Did Allah (swt) name you salafi, or wahabi or other names? Allah (swt) says "O My servant obey Me, I will make you Rabbani/Divine" (Hadith Qudsi) and the Holy verse says" Wa Lakin Kunu Rabbaniyina" (3:79). Allah (swt) named you & likes that you become Rabbaniyun, nothing else. Nothing else. Did any group use this blessed name or title that Allah (swt) dressed us with it & He (swt) is asking us "Wa Lakin Kunu Rabbaniyina" (3:79) This is the Holy Quran a Holy Verse. Do you have a group named Rabbaniyin? No! You have salafis, you have wahabis, Muslim Brotherhood you have. But how come you did not name with what Allah Haqq (swt) named you? "Wa Lakin Kunu Rabbaniyina" (3:79) This is a Holy Verse. Which group is Rabbani? There is none. Where are you & how you are reading the Holy Quran and you claim to be wahabis, salafis or Muslim Brotherhood? From where did you bring this? And Allah (swt) says that He Loves that you are Rabbaniyin/Divine. "Wa Lakin Kunu Rabbaniyina" (3:79) That young man that came to me he was from the Budala'/Saints of Sham. I asked him what did he learn, and he said to me "O Sayidi Shaykh Allah (swt) said "O My servant, obey Me. I will make you Rabbani/Divine, you say to something, Be and it is!" (Hadith Qudsi) O Muslim people between East & West, where are you? My words are right, because Allah's(swt) curse is on the liars. I can't carry that curse never! My words are true & they are supported by the Great Quran and the words of the Prophet (saws), because the Prophet was Rabbani. From where do they bring these titles, Muslim Brotherhood, salafis, wahabis or all the other names they call themselves. Every group with a title that is not mentioned in The Holy Quran. This is my claim to the Muslims, the Muslims of this period of time & my fight against the honourable scholars & my fight with those who call themselves with this & that name. And not once I heard from them saying "O people we are Rabbani. We are putting all our efforts to be Rabbani." The servant at that time has the attribute to say to something "Be & it is!" This is Rabbani. And you O Muslims, Arabs, and Iranians, you are counting on the missiles. You are proud of your missiles and the rest of the nations from the Muslim world also are proud of their missiles. Not one of them stands and is proud to be a servant to his Lord, Rabbani. And just hoping that my Lord accepts me to be a Rabbani servant. O believers! O believers who are living on the face of the earth maybe you are 2 billions or more. Who from you is claiming or putting all their efforts to be Rabbani? If...O Muslims until you depend on the words of your Lord, and put all your efforts to be Rabbani you will never succeed in this world or in the Hereafter. This is an important matter, an important matter. Subhana Allah Al 'Aliy Al Azim. You! O Palestinians, O Egyptians, Syrians, people of Iraq, people of India, Iranians, Afghani people, where, where are your schools that teach your children to put their efforts to be Rabbani? Rabbani! Woe to you! With what rights you left the Muslim ummah without teaching the Holy Quran, without teaching Haqq (jwa) & His Prophet (saws) and you ran after all the falsehood of the worse of unbelievers & the falsehood of shaytans. I am sorry to say this. And all the Muslim countries they do not have any requests except to establish in their country democracy, which from beginning to end is false. They leave Haqq/Truth & follow falsehood. And who follows falsehood will be destroyed. They will have nothing in this world nor in the Hereafter. O Muslims especially your scholars, teachers or the learned ones, Take heed of these words. These are not words from my side, never! All these words are supported by the Holy Quran and the honourable Hadiths of the Prophet (saws). If you want to be saved in this world & in the Hereafter then follow this way, this is our way, the way of Sirata Al Mustaqima/ The Straight Way. Otherwise you do not have the Straight Way. You will be destroyed here & in the Hereafter also. May Allah (swt) forgive us & send us one who may teach us the True Way without asking anything else. Our request is Ridwan Allah (swt) - Allah's Pleasure. Subhansin Ya Rabb! & we ask for the intercession of the Prophet (saws). O Prophet (saws) of the Lord of the worlds, O Beloved, who was ordered to step on His Throne this was the addressing to the Prophet (saws). The addressing to Prophet Moses (as) was "take off your sandals." But to the Beloved of Allah (swt) "Step on My Throne with your shoes. The Throne will be honoured." He is the possessor of the Maqam Al Mahmoud on the Day of Witnessing. O people! Consider & submit and put all your efforts to understanding these words. They are not my words, never! Otherwise you will eat one another & you will be destroyed. Tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba astaghfirullah! Shukr Ya Rabbi, shukr Ya Rabbi, shukr Al Hamdulillah! The One Who taught The Quran to His Beloved, the Sultan of the worlds. Ya Rasulallah! The one who taught people goodness, the teacher of humanity, what did he teach you? If you are asked on Judgement Day, what will you say? What did My Beloved teach you from goodness? Goodness? Nothing! We invented democracy, parliaments, works of all kinds. We invented such things. In his (saws) time there were none of these things. We invented them. We left his (saws) methods and his way & we invented all these things. And we hope to be successful in this world and on the Day of Judgement to have white faces. Never! What difference between you & others. O people! Listen & take wisdom, and if you do you will benefit. Ask for Ridwan Allah (swt) so Allah (awj) may love you & make you Rabbani and anything you ask for, you will say "Be! And it is." This way is the straight way, the right way, the beautiful way. The way which takes us to Heavens all the way to Hazirat Al Quds, the Divine Presence, to witness our Lord (jwa). O people! Obey & follow. If you do not think & you do not take care, woe to you here &in the Hereafter. Tawba astaghfirullah. Fatiha. Lefke, 17.07.2012 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WebSaltanatOrg, CategoryAllah Video Link: http://saltanat.org/videopage.php?id=4501&name=2012-07-17_ar_Muhabatullah.mp4 Search: Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional :: Valid CSS :: Powered by WikkaWiki Page was generated in 0.0364 seconds


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