Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Bismi'llah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim...for the sake of Prophet Muhammad saws and Sheikh Nazim may Allah protect his secret.

Here's another bit that I have just hauled over here from Blog Ladder ...(This is getting time-consuming!)

So-o-o..trying to give a reply to these questions.. I’m just going to ‘dive in’.
About destiny and free will..the best and simplest way I have heard to describe what is really a total paradox when one gets to ‘nit picking’,is the following,which was communicated by my Sheikh.
Each person has a destiny that is written for him .. and it is as though he is on a boat which has a captain and it is taking him to his destination.However,within the confines of the boat he may do many things of his own free will.There are some people who are not in agreement with this situation and want to believe that they are totally free and sometimes they can be seen walking from the prow to the stern believing that they are going in the other direction because they ‘will’ it,blissfully unaware that despite their efforts the boat is taking them where the captain wills.
The other thing I want to mention is that,over the years I have learned a political view from my Sheikh which is certainly not the common current one that democracy is undoubtedly a good thing and something to measure the success of an ideology by.
His basic stance is that the French Revolution was the beginning of the downfall of the western world..because ‘the feet became the head’ as he says.In other words the social order was turned upside down when the leaders (perhaps one can say the historically or even genetically or even Divinely, destined or created or prepared people…I hesitate to pontificate here because I don’t really know either my history or a detailed account from the Sheikh) were killed and there began ‘mob rule’.
He always says there should be one head and forty feet but not forty feet trying to be the head at is inefficient and also hypocritical in the sense that decision making is slowed up and in the sense that one party gets in to initiate a plan and then four years later it can all be overturned by the next party and something else initiated.Also we see time and time again the opportunism of those in power who,while making many promises during election time rarely fulfill them and spend much time and energy lining their own pockets and those of their friends knowing that they only have four years in which to milk the situation as much as possible.The Sheikh says that there is much more ‘barakah’(or blessing )in countries where they have kept respect for their Royal Families,even though they are really just puppets on a stage these days, and that, just as Prophets were created in a special way for leadership in the spiritual world,so Kings and Queens and Sultans were created for leadership in the material world.
I know this is somehow a hard one to swallow for most people these days,but I am just seeing,through this interchange on B.L. how far apart world views can become and that there is an interdependence of all the facets of a traditional Islam (as I said before,affecting the political and social structure of a real Islamic well as ‘spiritual’ life) as communicated by our Sheikh.
Everywhere in the Islamic world Muslims are trying to weld together socialism with traditional Islam and,basically it just wont work..(as I may enlarge upon in future posts)..The extreme example of this can be seen in Iran where there is a so called Islamic Revolution which is a total contradiction in terms
and all of the existing ‘Ahlul Bait’ or ‘people of the house’ (i.e. family of the Prophet PBUH ) have been destroyed in order to instigate and maintain that travesty of Islam. As a little rejoinder I saw George Bernard Shaw’s definition of democracy the other day where he described it as “Everybody ruled by anybody.”


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