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Sufism and politics.

Bismi'llah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim...for the sake of Prophet Muhammad saws and Sheikh Nazim may Allah protect his secret.

The debate on the forum is still going on.It is interesting how,when the internet gets interactive,it helps one to marshall one's thoughts instead of just drivelling on with self absorbed,and perhaps complacent,mental activity.

I thought the best thing to do might be just include what I wrote back to them.One of which is a little bio-pic which helped me to sum up what I'm trying to do sometimes..and funnily enough (nudge-nudge-wink-wink surprise surprise) ..was just what I had been doing some EFT for shortly before writing it.

I simply present them in their entirety for perusal and maybe,comment.

Here's the first and most inoccuous one;

Did you know there's a lawyer representing four hundred families of those who died in the towers who has a lot of concrete information about how high ups in the administration were not only informed about the incident but seems like they had a hand in it. There are sites that have strangely disappeared and experts who have suddenly completely changed their minds after showing that it was virtually impossible to make those explosions and create enough temperature to melt the steel girders with airplane fuel and that they were more in accord with the placement of explosives in strategic places in the buildings. Many things on the Pentagon plane don't add up either .. The lawyer says he was at school with these high ups and even in those days they were talking about how it would be a great tool of power over the American people if they could find some way to really frighten them. Of course most of this has been hushed up but,if you don't think he's too much of a crank,David Ike has some interesting takes on the reaction and time lag when the President was informed while at that kids school reading class.Did he know beforehand? Just wondering if all is as it seems in Blunderland.

Then came this ;

I hate to do this in one way,because it is just perhaps"stirring the pooh" but,everyone's so complacently sure that it was Muslim terrorists that did it,they've forgetten to investigate the is very obvious that,despite diplomatic publicity propaganda there is a concerted effort by the U.S. to destroy the good image of Islam,especially in the U.S. itself..and..if this was a put up was highly successful. here's an interesting site. or ...

Followed by this;

I thought that post might put the cat amongst the pidgeons a bit.I'm not convinced on way or the other..I'll just say that I have been trying (through my sufi connections) to keep an Islamic faith for over twenty years now...and..even though that is going into a softer focus for me the time I was just floored by the repeated images on the telly of the planes and the towers..I was listening to B.B.C. World service here in a little country village in Andalucia when it happened and just ran to the box to see the second one happening live. It seriously wobbled my faith back then and I just dismissed the comments of one of the Spanish Muslims down here "I bet they did it themselves." .. Afterwards I started to investigate a bit about Bush and he does have some seriously dubious links to the Bin Laden family which you probably all know about (?) .. I mean for instance that Bin Laden's own brother had a fifty per cent share in one of Bush's that set me thinking.. Yeah Rufes I know what you mean about David Ike..there's some nutty stuff around reptilians and all that ..It's more a friend of mine who got me looking at his site on the net..I don't go there much ..but the way Bush just didn't react when given the news in front of a class of kids reading,looked really wierd and suspicious and more than just Presidential cool.I mean reaction at all?! Those sites I put on I just came across by accident..actually I was looking for pics of 'action' on Google images for something I was doing on one of my blogs and just saw a picture of the towers taken from above and clicked on it and then saw the site with all the technical info..Then while looking for that to pop on the forum, I saw the site it came from so I put that on as well.. I haven't actually even read stuff from that site,I thought I'd just include it so people could make up their own minds. I just feel it's like the Lady Di thing..there's always the official version and then..what was really happening at government level.. which is always a lot more sinister because we never know the whole truth. People like David Ike come across as potty but at least they open your head to other possibilities than the comfortable official version where we can all get maudlin and emotional and forget to look a bit deeper. Of course having been 'inside' the muslim world a bit I started to see things from a different angle and realised that there has been a concerted effort to destroy Islam from the inside going on for quite a long time. I won't go into it all right now..but the Brits started it and they put a time scale of one hundred years to accomplish their task..The carving up of the middle east with the Balfour Declaration was the biggest blow perhaps..and the removal of the Ottoman Sultan which broke up the last Muslim Empire. Since then the Muslims have had no cohesive force due to no single leader... and that layed them open to all the infiltration and division we see amongst them now. Even the Catholics have got the Pope and we've seen recently how strong it makes them keeping respect for one leader...

Followed by this;

Quick reply is what's summed up in the words in italics in my post. "from the inside" Before I get into explaining about the whole "Wahabi" Muslim thing,let's just say that Islam has been infiltrated since the late 17 hundreds ,first by the British who managed to create the Wahabi form of Islam which took power with the Saudi family and government,and effectively destroyed Islamic spirituality,and then by the Americans (most likely in league with the British through Masons and others having material and sometimes religious interests in common). It is not only possible,but likely and in some cases traceable and provable that the C.I.A. have managed to teach the Muslims how to practice terrorism which serves the Americans to react and defame and destroy Islam.. a terrorism which the unsuspecting and duped Muslims then proudly claim as acts of their own against the capitalist monster.. You may remember ,or have read somewhere that Bin Laden actually worked for and was trained by the C.I.A.? .. Now perhaps you see what I'm driving at (despite some people who think that anyone who doesn't agree with them has no analytical capacity,and others who want to share maudlin emotions..which is part of the mass media effectiveness through repeated images and messages..and think one is hard hearted or a fanatic when one does not immediately join in.) I will look for the URL of the site that has the whole of the diary of one of the first British agents who had to infiltrate Islam first via Turkey and then through the shias in what is now Iraq. The poor guy realised how sweet and good these people were,having lived with and learned from them..but then returned to his "stiff upper lip" attitude and carried on for "King and country" to successfully dominate a weak minded candidate who was then installed to help iradicate all true spirituality and sufi influence in Saudi and replace it with the materialistic and cement-headed version of Islam which now has extended from Saudi to the whole Islamic world.It is the "official" Islam of most mosques funded by Saudi money (aided and abetted where necessary by the the American dollar) and only exposed in any way for what it really is by sufi teachings such as that of Sheikh Nazim al Haqqani of the Naqshbandi tariqat. That'll do for now..I'll look for some links.

And finally,this;

Sorry Pandora..went straight to page 2 and didn't see your question at first. I'm an Englishman from English mum's side goes back through to Welsh and my dad's in a direct line to the Irish. My dad's family were Anglican vicars for five generations but my dad left the Church when he found too much hypocricy within it and too many personal conflicts with it. When I wanted to get near it he put me off and said I must find my own way. I was intensely interested in something which now generally gets called I had some experiences of my own with this. After about ten years of reading everything I could get my hands on,while living down in Brighton which had a good selection of second hand and new books around my favourite subjects of spirituality,the occult,mysticism etc I decided Sufism was the best and most inclusive of the lot and decided to look for it. About that time I took a holiday in Spain for a couple of weeks and ended up staying for six months,in which time I found a sufi group in Granada (I was expecting to have to go to Turkey to find them). From them I learned that true sufism only exists within in Islam and became Muslim with them at about thirty years old and moved down here to live. It took me a couple of years to discover some funny business with them,but,undeterred I prayed and looked and found my present sufi Sheikh via a book in Charing Cross Road and a meeting in Googe Street Mosque,he's from Turkish Cyprus,and speaks enough English to have come to London every Ramadan for over twenty years to teach an international gathering. That was at Christmas 1984 and, as I said, I have been trying with more and less success to follow him ever since. There are lots of difficulties not least of all with language and culture but I have learned much from him. Now I hope I can be a bit of a bridge from inside that world to the outside where there is so much dis-information and confusion about true Islam.Hence the name ... Sufibridge. I hope that answers your question and maybe explains why I say,I'm not convinced one way or the other.I'm sure there's much more to the twin towers and a host of other things,than meets the eye,but I'm not a religious fanatic.

I think the best thing to do now would be put a link in the side bar..and anyone who's interested can follow the discussion on the forum.(see side bar).


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