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Fana fi'l Sheikh.(Drowning ego's drop in Sheikh's spiritual ocean.)

Bismi'llah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim...for the sake of Prophet Muhammad saws and Sheikh Nazim may Allah protect his secret.

Thanks to "az" for sending me this in my e.mail:

No value for a person who stays by himself and never follows the Prophets and their inheritors! Even in this life if a person does not follow a college or university course, he never gains any value in his community; people say 'A simple or ordinary, standard person'. But the one who follows a course in a university or college or academy, and it is proved by a certificate or diploma, has value. No matter how much you may know by yourself, if you do not follow one of them, no one gives you value. You can’t be a doctor, you can’t be an engineer, and you can’t be a lawyer because you aren’t following any school.
Therefore, in the spiritual life, whoever is asking for improvement, insofar as he may be by himself, he may acquire something, but it is of no value; you must follow a Prophet. For this reason, philosophers, who are asking to reach a point by themselves without following any one of the Prophets, have no value. We must follow.
To the extent that you can follow one of them, you may reach your real value, and that value will appear among creatures on earth and in Heaven. No one can attain to that, particularly to heavenly stations, without following someone who belongs to Heaven: All Prophets belong to Heaven; if a person has no relationship to Heaven, he is not going to be a Prophet. Whoever has no relationship to Heaven is also not going to be Wali, a Saint; it is impossible. There must be a relationship between that person and Heaven, and you must follow such a person who has a relationship between himself and heavenly beings; otherwise, the one who is walking on earth is not going to be a guide to you. You many find everything on earth, but without a guide you can’t find the way to Heaven; it is so difficult and so far and so full of danger.. Therefore, there must be a guide for you. Even for a rocket which is sent into space, it is so difficult and so dangerous to be in it or to have the control of it, you can’t send a rocket into space through just anyone. He must be a person specially trained for that purpose, knowing best how he can send it. To send a person from earth to Heaven –it is more difficult than sending a rocket into space; not everyone can do that. The one who can do that is the one who has been sent to Heaven by the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam peace be upon him. He knows the way and he knows how he may send others. He comes through the Prophet up to his own Grandsheikh, never making a mistake.
Don’t tell me 'Why are you not sending us now?' Go and tell that engineer or scientist who is preparing that rocket, 'Send it into space now.' Would he listen to you? He is working on it. A person is going to be ready to be sent up to Heaven, Grandsheikh said to me, if forty scholars who know the shariah/islamic law excellent are with him for forty days and they give a report saying 'This person is all right from every direction. We forty scholars have been looking at him day and night for forty days. In every action and behavior that person is perfect. According to our knowledge, there is nothing wrong with him.' If they give such a report, it is all right to send him.
We are trying now, but then our ego come, destroying this path and damaging us.. every bad action damages our inner structure. We are trying to build it but it is so difficult. But as we are beginners, it doesn’t matter. We are practicing, we are building, we are learning, we are preparing ourselves. It is enough to be here humbly and listening; that gives us divine help and makes us be ready. Even at the last moment we must be complete, inshaAllah; we are going to be complete and go to Heaven, and we will see doors opening to us. So many people, when they go from earth to Heaven, find doors closed to them because they are not ready; then they are sent back to make them ready to go up. But those who come and listen and accept and believe, they must be prepared, even at the last moment before leaving this life, to reach their heavenly stations in the Divine Presence.
If we are separate, we are like parts of a tasbih/rosary beads. If there is no string, they will be lost, scattered, but when they are on this string that can never happen. And for each person, if alone there is danger of being lost, but if coming with an imam/the long, terminal bead connecting rosary on a string, he is protected. Look, everyone! --showing his tasbih-- sometimes this string is strong, sometimes it is very weak and quickly breaks. Therefore you must be careful. A silver one is stronger, you know? Then anyone who is with a Sheikh, with a guide, the guide guards them. If not with a guide, they are often going to be lost!
We must be humble, as much as we are able, to be in agreement with a Sheikh, with a guide. The guide is the most important person throughout our lives because everyone must take a guide either on a good way or on a bad way. Everyone takes a guide. If a person does not take a guide on a good way, another guide is waiting for him, quickly taking him to a bad way. For bad ways there are so many guides.. so many devils, dressed like men and taking them. Therefore, everyone is in need of a guide, but you must be careful to take a guide throughout your life for goodness, not for badness. Everyone knows that, for all people, this life is going to be either with good things or with bad things, everyone knows that. But so many times we are so weak in the hands of our ego, running after our nafs/ego. When you run and make your ego or someone who is from devils as your guide, you quickly fall into dangerous, terrible places, hells. You must choose that way which is going to be suitable for you.
A strong guide guards his followers; they may be in the East, they may in the West. When Joseph alaihi salaam peace be upon him was in Egypt, his father Jacob was in Palestine or in the area around Damascus. When the wife of the ruler of Egypt called Joseph to her bed, and he was ready for that, his father showed himself and said 'O Joseph, guard yourself'. Jacob alaihi salaam could have been in the Far East, doesn’t matter, he could have been as far away as you can imagine. Nothing keeps back that power, distances never prevent that power from reaching! Awliya/saints have miraculous powers like Prophets, but Prophets’ miracles are more perfect. Awliya do not have such power but they have the same attributes as Anbiya/Prophets; then that power goes through them, also. They may do miraculous things, and a true sheikh may guard his murids/followers whether they are in the Far East or in the Far West.. they may send their spiritual power to every murid so that they are not alone or solitary. When you remember him that remembrance makes your Sheikh’s spiritual power be ready with you, be present with you. That is a miraculous power which every true Sheikh has been given.
Murid: How can we make contact with our Sheikh, not just for asking help but for being with him?
Maulana Sheikh Nazim: If a boy falls in love with a girl or a girl falls in love with a boy, they are occupied; they are always in contact with each other. If your have such love for your sheikh, you may be in contact sometimes.
Some people are engaged by their Lord Allah Almighty; they are the Anbiya, Prophets, and Awliya. Never does anyone get into their hearts except their Lord, they are always in contact. Some people are always engaged with the Prophet peace be upon them, some people with their Sheikh. Some people sometimes, maybe when they are in need, ask for their Sheikh. According to your need, you may ask, you may be in contact. And it is so easy. When the remembrance of him comes upon you, you are in contact; no need for protocol! Quickly, when you think about your Sheikh, he is with you; when you forget, you are far away. When you remember, he is with you quickly. You must understand this point. Then it is going to be easier for our brothers and sisters to be in contact with their Sheikh; any time they may be in need, if reciting Fateha/Opening Chapter of the Holy Quran and send it to the Prophet, and their Grandsheikh, it is alright.
And in our time, people are using so many wrong methods. They do not understand, or they do not even know what is the beginning and what the end; from where they are beginning and to where they are reaching, as a blind person never understands where he is or where is going to be. And most important for a person throughout his life is a true guide. A true guide can be known when your soul is in peace and satisfaction with a person. That is the sign, the real sign: To feel peace and satisfaction with him in your heart. If you are still in doubt, hesitant, it means that something is wrong with that person and you must look for another. If your heart is not in peace with his method, you must not follow that way. There are so many ways. You must try for another one until you reach peace in your heart, so that it should be alright for you.
Then this is the way to attain peace, to die before dying. This means that when you find a guide, you must be with him. You must not carry about a different personality from his but must agree to be one with him, one unit. You can’t carry about another personality from your guide’s; you must melt your personality in his personality and you must appear as himself! Then you will be all right.
Once a person came to a Grandsheikh and knocked his door. The Grandsheikh asked,
'Who is there?'
'Ibrahim' the man said. 'It is me'. 'Me, me, me' -always saying 'me'.
'Me?' the Grandsheikh said, 'My place is only for one, not for two. Go away.'
And that person went away. After one year he tried again, coming and knocking the door. 'Who is there?' the Grandsheikh asked.
'You, you.'
'If you say, You, now you may come in'.
Therefore, the first condition for a person who is asking to reach real peace is that he must give himself all that he is carrying to put into his guide. His guide can take it and carry it. When you are going to be your guide that is the way to reach your destination.
There is an airplane. It may carry one hundred or two hundred or three hundred passengers, but when it flies you can see only one jet plane. You do not see five hundred persons inside, you can see only that it is a plane flying. The plane takes all those people into itself.. finished! Therefore, when you take a guide to your destination, you can be in him; you can give yourself, your selfhood. You must consider yourself as a drop, then it reaches its ocean and no more drops, finished! You leave that drop and are going to be an ocean. That is peace. When that drop falls into the ocean, can you take it out, can you find it? Finished.. it is all ocean. Therefore, peace is not to be found without leaving your drop in that ocean. And your guide may be a lake or he may be a sea, but they run into oceans also. That is important. When we say 'Die before you die' this is the meaning of how we can die before the natural death. You give your personality to your guide, you throw your personality into your guide’s personality, and then you say 'I am no longer in existence'.. finished! When you look at your guide, you see yourself in him and when he looks at you, he looks at himself, and we reached our spiritual peace! You may find it during your short lifetime in this life. But if you do not use true, correct methods and you go wrong, you will always go far away from peace. Instead of running toward oceans, you will be running toward deserts.

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