Friday, November 25, 2005

Slight respite ..chance to think.

Bismi'llah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim...for the sake of Prophet Muhammad saws and Sheikh Nazim may Allah protect his secret.

Now there is a slight relief from the immediate danger to Bilquis's life in her struggle against cancer, I have been able to think a little bit once again.

This morning I wrote this for Blog Ladder, where I had been very upset by the administrator's recent and unexpected "filtering of religious content" policy.

Censorship and belief ... Cause and manifestation.

While fearing reprisals from "the editor", as a faithful believer in Unity and The One .. I will try to just recognise that, should there be apparent unwarranted excision of my words the Real Author of the act is also One, despite the fact that some people think they can make things happen (apparently without it having first been willed by a The First Cause .. something which I would dispute, given a fair chance).
Having said that, (and may those who understand it, understand, and those who do not, at least try to) ... I will just say that, looking around at Blog Ladder entries I am both stimulated and tired by what I see. I can easily accept that this is completely personal .. I claim no objective view, but I do want to understand it.
Why should things seem so attractive and so tiring at the same time ? I suppose I only have one answer and that is my longing for the Truth with a capital T. Am I allowed to say this and can I ever make myself understood ?
I do believe in Oneness .. in fact in One or The One .. and that all comes from there .. One source of all acts, one source of all objects and events .. from that source come all manifestations. It is our souls that love that source and our minds and egos that love and get involved in the manifestations wether they be people, nature, holidays, food, films, photography or philosophy or politics.
When I come to Blog Ladder I meet again all my old friends (and some new ones too) I am so happy to be here and interested to see the latest twists and turns of fate in the lives of each individual, their personal struggles, triumphs and concerns.I laugh and smile along with them .. I cry with them and am outraged with them .. am concerned about the way the world is going and what we can do about it, along with them. Sometimes I enjoy the quizzes and questions .. and then comes the tiredness.Why ?
It's too much "Dunya" .. too much of this world and it's manifestations.. I want some spiritual food and drink .. I want to be able to mention The One .. The Source .. and yet, it seems, that is not welcome here .. why is that ? Is not the very reason of our existence the most burning and important question ?Does it take death and war and disaster to make people look at the "big questions" ? Are people really happy just to live in this world without questioning it's inception and the miracle of at least one's own human life ?
Doesn't matter ... except that I like to think and write about these things and I think I belong on Blog Ladder with my friends.Aren't I a part of this little cyber community, despite the fact that I love spirituality and sufism and God ?
Please G.B. welcome me back and promise that you won't wipe off stuff of mine without some prior consultation.Just a thought .. when you got involved in computers and IT were you satisfied just to use it, or did you want to know about the nuts and bolts of how it all works ? (I am trying to draw an analogy between the digital virtual world and human existence).
That'll do for now, I have to accompany my wife to the hospital in an ambulance.I hope you don't wipe this off G.B. Give a chance to open discussion. Try not to be like that other G.B. playing God with peoples lives and religious beliefs.
Trying to trust you .. Grego.


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