Saturday, December 10, 2005

The last little party's over.

Bismi'llah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim...for the sake of Prophet Muhammad saws and Sheikh Nazim may Allah protect his secret.

For lack of any clear criteria about what the administrator considers allowable or not on his site. I've had to leave Blog Ladder. I now know what it feels like to live under a dictatorship.
What a horrible experience.

However, I'm sure that the original author of the act was only One, and that there must be a wisdom and a justice in it.

Perhaps He loves me enough to stop me spending too much time with unbelievers .. something not exactly recommended by the Prophet saws !

It seems that too much talk about Reality or God upsets sleeping people
who want to stay in their dream world. For them this world is a kind of paradise, but, as the Prophet pbuh said, This world is a prison for believers.

There are endless permutations of worldy fruits and delights from the lowest to the highest. The highest and the more natural indicating and more easily reminding of something greater and something beyond.

How anyone can live in a world completely devoid of meaning or context other than the indulgence of the five senses and the intellect I don't know.

The so-called democratic and scientific world view that has been foisted upon people convincing them of the reality of a two dimensional world in which they are all nothing more than cardboard cut outs, is very frightening indeed.

The fact that there is no link made between the terrible state of the modern world and lack of belief in a Creator or any Divinely inspired morality or meaning is a terrible and frightening prospect for the health of the world population in this and future generations, if indeed there are many more with what seems to be cooking at a global level.


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