Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Reply to Anna.

Bismi'llah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim...for the sake of Prophet Muhammad saws and Sheikh Nazim may Allah protect his secret.

Anna from B.L. wrote to me .. so I put my reply to her here for her and others to read. I hope it doesn't work out wrong (being Tuesday today!)

Hi Anna,
How nice to hear from you! You were especially one person I didn't want to lose contact with. Somehow perhaps you were the one who came closest to understanding me on B.L. and, as I think I said before I liked your sense of humour and light touch. I've really been going through it as you know .. but something got up G.B.'s nose and, well, we'll leave it at that.
For the moment I am in Granada putting my silver stall up .. but, without transport! as my head gasket went on the car .. I am managing to keep it together so far and Bilquis seems to be maintaining her position if not actually moving forward a little bit.
I am bit like a little kid or a teenager facing his first real job or something .. I've always had my psychological and emotional problems and she has been my complete support and protection until this year ... Now I have to do it alone or go under (economically at least, if not in other ways too and my only possibility would be state help in England .. where Bilquis couldn't possibly be moved to right now ..)
I'm writing from an internet place beneath the flat where I am staying (very convenient). It's good to be back in Andalucia I am much more at home here.. the Pais Basco is so, well .. German(?) .. you know, efficient but a bit soulless.
So-o-o that'll do for now. My head's reeling from trying to deal with it all and I have been so frightened that I haven't been sleeping properly at all. Maybe I shouldn't have taken the Lycopodium (which I am nearly certain is my constitutional remedy) as I have probably been in crisis. ..
I am going to try to put some time in on LiveJournal (as Sufibridge) but that won't be while I'm working here .. maybe when I get back to the north.
Came down by night sleeper and Talgo .. a good experience and very cheap (73 € return!)
It might be interesting to mention me on B.L. .. (Anthropophobe has contacted me very kindly too) .. and see what G.B.'s reaction is. Up to you how you handle that one!
Hope to be in contact through LiveJournal/Sufistuff/Flickr/.. maybe 43 Things ..

Thanks again Anna .. Maybe not strictly correct Islamically speaking, but your friendship has been a great support to me... and I hope you are going to hear more positive reports about my little struggle from now on. (Meine kleine kampf ?)
Actually I met a lot of German's through Sheikh Nazim's group and was always pleasantly surprised to find what very deep and lovely people they are after one has got through the first cool aloofness. I am very very fond of some of them.. the above remarks are just a "tipico topico" view of them .. and really .. I suppose the same goes for the Vascos too ...
Good and bad in everything no ? ... There's only One Who is beyond all that duality ..I liked your stuff about the candy store .. perhaps I am more inside it now (or aware that I am .. or allowing myself to be .. whatever)
Love and peace, salaams,
Grego, aka Sufibridge aka Uthman.


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